Riding To and Through Good Communities

By Mona Will - July 2016

From May through October, Three Rivers Velo Sport (3RVS) cycling club leads weekly weekend group rides (tours) through Northwest Ohio and Northeast Indiana. The organized rides start at a variety of locations in Allen County.  Supported by maps and a ride leader, the routes travel to some of our favorite places to stop so the riders can catch their breath, regroup, and replenish fluids.  A common expectation is to plan stops for special road snacks and treats.  For example, Antwerp has a roadside root beer stand, Monroeville has the Whippy Dip.  In Woodburn, the Marathon has the best air conditioned gas station to cool off on a hot day and the Hicksville Marathon stocks chocolate milk in the cooler, an essential cyclist’s recovery drink. 


In addition to needed refreshments, the rides in Northwest Ohio and Northeast Indiana are resplendent with sensory pleasures. Riding in Ohio, the towering wind turbines stand like giants watching over the nearby landscapes.  The smell of freshly cut hay in the summer time permeates the air when passing a hay field.  In early fall just before harvest, the corn stalks almost whistle when the occasional wind blows through the rows.  All of this, plus the well paved roads are reasons cyclists are out riding the countryside and to the good communities of Antwerp, Woodburn, Paulding, Payne, Grabill, Defiance, Ossian, Harlan, Hicksville, Monroeville and many more with small town hospitality.

3RVS was founded in 1969 by a handful of passionate cyclists.  From the beginning, the mission of the club has been to promote the general interest and enjoyment of bicycling for health, recreation and economical transportation. To this end, 3RVS has promoted better bicycle riding conditions, and advocates safety by teaching proper riding techniques.  

Today, the membership numbers over 300 while the 3RVS Facebook page has over 650 members.  From ages 8 to 70 plus, the club is all inclusive and well represented by both men and women.  Club members can average between 5 to 500+ miles a week during the riding season.  Group rides are extremely popular.  Four out of five weekdays, the club offers group rides, along with every Saturday and Sunday.  We offer a variety of different pace groups starting with the D riders, which is a 14-15 mph average, C group 16-17 mph, B group 18-19 mph, and the A group 20+ mph.  

Racing and race training is a strong component to 3RVS.  Our Tuesday Night World Championships offer spirited training for seasoned and newer riders.  Also, Time trial racing is increasing in popularity among cyclists and offer a safe, competitive environment.  Once a month, the club sponsors a 10 mile time trial for club members that takes place on Old US 24 from Highway 101 to Antwerp, which is ideal for the cyclists and includes Antwerp police officers marshaling the course. 

If you are looking to improve you’re cycling abilities and seek the company of like-minded people, please visit our website at http://3rvs.com.  Summer is the time for adventure and new experiences and it is only a finger tap away.