RAIN 2016

written by Amy Copeland - August 2016

After yesterdays RAIN ride I could not be more proud to be a member of 3RVS and see how well its riders and jersey is respected around the state.

It started in the parking lot before we even started riding. A gentlemen saw our jerseys in the lot and said, "Hey, you are that group that won the NBC challenge last year for the state of Indiana, how is this year going?".

He was part of the Team Cure Chasers who took 2nd in the state last year. He did not ride yesterday but was in a SAG vehicle that parked at several places along the route. When we would ride by and he saw the jerseys he called us out rang the cow bell and cheered on Three Rivers Velo sport for a good ride.

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Riding To and Through Good Communities

By Mona Will - July 2016

From May through October, Three Rivers Velo Sport (3RVS) cycling club leads weekly weekend group rides (tours) through Northwest Ohio and Northeast Indiana. The organized rides start at a variety of locations in Allen County.  Supported by maps and a ride leader, the routes travel to some of our favorite places to stop so the riders can catch their breath, regroup, and replenish fluids.  A common expectation is to plan stops for special road snacks and treats.  For example, Antwerp has a roadside root beer stand, Monroeville has the Whippy Dip.  In Woodburn, the Marathon has the best air conditioned gas station to cool off on a hot day and the Hicksville Marathon stocks chocolate milk in the cooler, an essential cyclist’s recovery drink. 

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2016 3RVS Overnighter

Written by James Reilly

On Saturday morning, June 4th, our group was greeted with slightly cool temperatures. As I looked upward from the parking lot at Homestead High School, gray clouds hung overhead, with small pockets of blue sky far off in the west. This weather was actually perfect for biking, we told ourselves. There was no need for sunscreen and the cool temps would help keep the riders cool.

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The 2016 Horsey Hundred

By Jim Haley

My wife Nancy participated in the Horsey Hundred in Georgetown Kentucky this year. News media said there were close to 3000 riders. It looked like it.

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3rvs.com Turns Twenty

Written by Michael Heyes - April 2016

This year is the 20 year anniversary of the Three Rivers Velo Sport website. And for all but a 2-year hiatus I’ve been the webmaster for all of them.

I remember making the announcement at the monthly bike meeting at the former YWCA on Wells Street. No one seemed that excited about it. After all, why do we need a website? How many bike clubs have websites? Good question. At the time, our website was only the third bike website in Indiana. The IBC had a website, created and maintained by Father Kern Trembath at University of Notre Dame. I think the Bloomington Bike Club had one also, and maybe CIBA though I’m not sure about them.

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The Perfect Chilly Weather for the 21st Chili Ride

written by Mona Will - January 2016

At 11A on January 1st, the first volunteers of the day had arrived at Psi Ote Barn to begin the set up for “the chilly”. Susan Hunt, Cheryl Matthews, Keith LeFort and myself started unloading vehicles that were packed full of supplies that is used annually. It was about 1130A when the first participants of the ride showed up. It was Mike and Carol who were new members signing up that day. They were sporting all the necessary clothes for a winter weather ride. Phil had begun setting up the public address system so that those inside and outside the barn would be able to hear his upcoming announcements. By about 1215P there was a steady stream of cyclists walking in and out of the barn. The excitement of the ride was evident by the rising volume of voices. The registration desk had brisk business between handing out the route map, the detour cue sheet and asking people to sign the waiver form. Chili was arriving by the crockpots and being tagged for the chili cook off that would take place while the riders were out on the route.

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Complete Streets

December  15, 2015 - Written by Kate Riordan

Streets are an important part of the fabric of our communities: they allow adults to get to work, kids to get to school, and people to visit neighborhood stores. Our streets should be built so that anyone, whether they’re young or old, on foot or on bike, in a car or on a bus, can move around easily and comfortably. Throughout Indiana and across the country, citizens are asking planners and engineers to “complete” the streets in their cities by making them safer, more accessible, and easier for everyone. Complete Streets are streets that are for everyone, no matter who they are or how they choose to travel.

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The new kid on the block, or rather the new kid on the bike:  Jacob Patterson Brennan

Written by Mona Will - November 2015

It was a mid-summer evening and the Rogue’s, numbering somewhere around, 8 were ready to ride.  I happened to glance over to see a young man walking towards us pushing a flat bar mountain bike.  He was tall, a bit lanky, dressed in a tee shirt and shorts, and wearing ordinary sneakers. 

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mike heyes is looking for some chili!!

The First Chilly Challenge

Written by Michael Heyes - November 2015

Back in 1996 there were few choices if you wanted to do a group ride on New Years Day. At the time, the only ride like that in Indiana was The Polar Bear ride in Kokomo. I thought it would be nice to have a local ride so we wouldn't have to make that long drive there and back. So I thought 3RVS should put on its own ride as a thank you to club members and the general public. Now look where we are;  there are several New Years Day day rides in Indiana. 


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Fun with GPS Route Art and a Space Invader

by John Grabowski on October 21, 2015

I first became interested in attempting “GPS Route Art” or “GPS Doodles” last year when I planned and rode/wrote a giant 121-mile birthday greeting for my wife.  What is GPS route art? GPS route art uses a GPS recording of an activity (i.e. running, cycling, hiking) to create large-scale artwork, and it’s been around for longer than you may think:

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Shoreline West 2015

Written by Chuck Bash

I have been asked to write about my summer vacation; no really about the multiple day bike rides I did this summer, 2015. Marilyn Bash and I did three multiple day bike rides of the League of Michigan Bicyclists this past summer, 2015.

You can see pictures of the ride at this link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/leagueofmichiganbicyclists/sets/72157656711892956

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