Touring - July 2018

Written by Steve Pequinot

It’s hard to believe July is here already. July marks the midpoint of our cycling season and usually the warmest cycling month. Accordingly, we are moving the starting time of the weekend tours to 9:00 AM., the exception being the Three Rivers Festival Tour.

Enjoying Independence Day 

July 4 is on a Wednesday this year. Here is a great idea for hump day: instead of the usual midweek routine, why not join us on a delightful holiday ice cream tour to Monroeville. We are planning a four-pace group ride starting at Woodlan High School. All groups will take the same route until we get to State Line Road, at that point each group will take different routes looping into Ohio then riding on to Monroeville. If each pace group rides at their advertised pace we should all meet at the Whippy Dip in Monroeville at about the same time. After ice cream the groups can all ride together for a 12-mile social ride back to Woodlan, or riders looking for a workout at group pace can do an out-and-back on a longer route back to Woodlan. Either way, it’s better than your typical Wednesday.

July is Three Rivers Festival Month

Join us for our 47th Annual Three Rivers Festival Tour, Sunday, July 15th. It is a longstanding event of the Three Rivers Festival. Bring a friend, your family, or come by yourself and find a group to ride with at your pace. There will be distance options from 14 to 100 miles. You can start anytime between 7 and 10 AM., or ride in one of four pace groups at the 8 AM. mass start. Enjoy riding in this classic on-road, SAG supported tour which includes delicious cycling nutrition at the SAG Stop and ice cream treats at the finish. If you can’t ride that day consider volunteering for Registration, Roving SAG Support, or Food Tent Service. See complete details of the Three Rivers Festival Tour in this issue of Quick Release, or at If you wish to volunteer for Registration email:; Roving SAG Driving email:, Food Tent Services email:

July Touring Tips of the Month

Here are two tips if you are meeting up with a group tour on the road, or for any reason you do not arrive at the start location on time for a group ride and plan to meet the group on the road and your expected meet-up point will be one in which you will be riding toward the group traveling the opposite direction on the road, when you see the group riding toward you, after checking to ensure it is safe to do so, turn around on the road well ahead of the group. Stay on the far right side of the road and let the group pass you. After the group passes get on the wheel of the last rider in the paceline and adjust to the group’s pace. Doing so will permit the group to maintain their pace with little to no disruption. It is not wise to let a group pass you riding the opposite direction then turn around behind them and try to catch them. The group may be in the middle of a fast paced interval with others to draft them. You may never catch on by yourself.

Should you have to drop off or leave a group during a tour, let someone know your intensions, then fall off to the back of the group. Doing so does two important things: 1. If you are planning to make a turn different than what the group will be doing it will eliminate confusion within the group when you make your turn as the entire group is ahead of you. 2. By informing a group member you are leaving the group that rider can convey your message to the ride leader who is usually counting heads making sure everyone is accounted for.