Touring - March 2018

Written by Steve Pequinot

Good news! Open day of our 50th touring season is April 8. I am pleased to announce our ride leaders for our golden year. The weekend tours will have four pace groups: A group pace is 20+ MPH which will be led by Patrick Stelte and Steve Pequignot for the tenth season. Johnny Grabowski is returning as the B group ride leader. As an added bonus Cindi Souers will join Johnny leading the B group this season. Cindi has many miles and years of experience to add to the group, so if you are hanging with the B group you should have a great ride. The B group pace is 18/19 MPH. Mona Will and spin guru Tom Yoder are back as the ride leaders for the C group also known as the Cutters. The C group pace is 16/17 MPH. The D group will be led by Robin Mitchell and Mona Will. D group pace is 14/15 MPH. Mona will alternate weekends leading rides between the C and D groups. With this lineup of ride leaders we expect to have more B, C, and D group tours than we have offered in past years.

As in the past, the A group will ride at every weekend tour. The B, C and D groups will ride when so noted in the monthly schedule. The first monthly schedule will be in the April newsletter and on the website by April 1.

In addition to our weekend tours we have an exciting weeknight lineup of touring rides offering members several pace and distance options to choose from.

Monday, Doug Wintin will lead the Spokesman Ride again this season. The ride starts at Spokesman Bike Shop in Roanoke. The 27 to 30 mile route will be marked with Dan Henrys and have a pace from 16/19 MPH.

Also, Mona Will leads the new Monday morning Meandering & Muse Ride which will start at various locations around town. This will be a D/E pace ride for ladies only. Check our website and Facebook page for the weekly start time and location.

Tuesday, Deb Watts is returning to lead our most popular weeknight ride, the Kreager Park Tour. With a pace of 13/15 MPH, distance options will vary from 25 to 30 miles. This ride utilizes various routes to Woodburn.

The Skills Ride is moving back to Tuesday this season starting at Jefferson Middle School. This ride focuses on group skills, utilizing drafting techniques, holding a good line and how to properly rise from the saddle. The pace is 18/20 MPH and usually picks up during the season as riders become more experienced riding in the draft. Our goal in this ride is to teach B level riders the art of riding smart in a group so they will be able to hang with faster pace groups. We use several distance options ranging from 25 to 45 miles based on weather and sunset times. If you want to earn your Club A Wings this is the only ride to do it.

Wednesday is Saturn night. Last year the Saturn Ride was the fastest weeknight touring ride in the state. If you like to hammer on rollers and enjoy a sprint finish with other like-minded riders, this ride is for you. Club President Patrick Stelte is back to lead you on the ride of your life. It’s a 26-mile assault. Don’t worry if you get dropped, you won’t be alone; although, the big guns may be well off the front. This is an A group hammer-fest from start to finish. Average speed is 23/24 MPH.

A new ride this year on Wednesday, for those not interested in a Saturn pace is the Rogue Ride. Our most popular ride leader, Mona Will, leads this C group pace ride from Carroll High School, Tillman Park or Wayne High School. Check the weekly schedule for the correct start location.

Thursday’s Girls Ride Out will once again be led by Brenda Wiley and will start at Roanoke Park in Roanoke, Indiana. This is a D group pace ride for ladies only. Distance is 20 to 25 miles.

We will have a new Thursday Ride this season. Zwift Champion, Shane Powell and Charlie Copeland are the ride leaders for the new Jefferson A Ride. This ride will feature one of two routes, one heading north to Spencerville, the second heading east to Antwerp. This ride will include a nice warm-up period, after which the pace will increase to the mid 20s. After a brisk workout the ride leaders will slow things down several miles before the finish so everyone has the opportunity to spin down. Distance options will be up to 40 miles based on weather and sunset times. If you like the Saturn Ride or last year’s A Group Leo Ride, you should enjoy this one.

Our only Friday ride is the monthly City Tour led by Amy Copeland and Jennifer Altherr. The City Tour is held the first Friday of each month starting at Lawton Park at 6:30 PM. This ride is 8 to 12 miles at a leisurely E group pace and offers an optional post ride social event. Lights are required during the winter months.

Starting times, dates and detailed information about each weeknight ride will be posted later in March on the club website at and will also be printed in next month’s issue of Quick Release. Weekly updates will be posted on the club’s Facebook page and our Twitter feed @ride3rvs.

If you can’t wait until the season opening tour to ride with a group, Steve Souers leads the winter Show & Go rides on weekends, weather permitting. See the club website for times and start locations. Also look at the 3RVS Facebook page each Friday for Steve’s updates.

As a reminder to club members with Garmin or compatible GPS devices, we have all of our touring routes on GPX files. 3RVS members may subscribe to receive our weekend touring routes in GPX format via email by submitting your request to Just state in the Subject window “Subscribe to GPX.” As new routes are created or updated, the new files will be sent to all members who have subscribed to this service. Please include your name, phone number and email address with your request.

When taking to the road on your bike this season use caution as there may be new pot holes and uneven shoulders that were not present last autumn. If you spot a bad road that is on one of our routes I would be most appreciative if you would send me a Bad Road Notice via email to

I look forward to riding with you this spring.