Touring - August 2017

Written by Steve Pequinot

It’s hard to believe that touring season is more than half over already. We have enjoyed some incredible tours including the Fort4Fitness Spring Cycle, the Jammin Ride, the Three Rivers Festival Tour, several destination tours, our weekend tours and the wonderful assortment of weeknight rides along with our once a month City Tour.

The club has experienced a growth in new membership this year. Seeing new riders join us, getting a feel for group riding, then watching their progress throughout the season is very special. Ridership in our tours is up 20% this season. One reason for our growth and success is our online and social media presence. Thanks to the efforts of Mike Heyes we have an up-to-date website that includes everything about the club and our events. The club’s Facebook Page offers our members and friends the opportunity to keep up with events almost as they occur. I enjoy reading members’ posts about impromptu rides then read the follow up comments regarding how many riders showed up and the pleasure they got from the ride.

Our bike club is similar to our city, not too big, yet not too small. A review of the National Bike Challenge stats about halfway through this year’s challenge reveals that Team 3RVS is an average size team, yet our place in the challenge is well above cities much larger than Fort Wayne. Nationally, Fort Wayne is ranked 8th in the United States, ahead of Chicago and Indianapolis. In Indiana Fort Wayne is the top city in the state. As far as riders in the state, Kathy Boling, Denise Snyder and Susan Zuber are the top three female riders in the state. John Rodino, Jeff Kenny and Steve Pequignot are in the state’s top ten overall.

I’m not sure what it is about our area that puts Fort Wayne on the map as far as cycling is concerned, but I would like to believe our club has something to do with it. Each of you are what makes 3RVS shine.

As we move forward this season we have some special events to look forward to. Labor Day weekend we are planning two century tours and one totally new tour, all packed into a three-day weekend. Our 4th Annual September Touring Challenge will return, along with the Presidents’ Ride and the Jersey Ride.

Thank you all for being a positive part of our touring season and enriching cycling in our community.