Touring June 2017

Written by Steve Pequinot

Weekend Pace Groups

As you know, we have five different pace group options on selected weekend tours. The A group rides at every weekend tour and the other pace groups ride at various dates throughout the month according to the monthly schedule. In order to meet press time deadlines, we have encountered some problems trying to schedule the different pace groups up to six weeks in advance. We never know what life will through at us causing predetermined plans to be changed. Consequently, some pace group tours have had to be cancelled. In an effort to help our devoted ride leaders schedule their respective weekend group pace rides closer to the tour date, we will no longer post the group pace options in the monthly touring schedule. Instead, the weekend group pace options will be posted on our Facebook page the Monday prior to the weekend of the tour. Since Facebook posts have a tendency to scroll downward on the page, we will repost the same information on the Friday prior to the tour. Additionally, the same information will be sent from out Twitter feed @ride3rvs on the same dates. We hope this change will benefit everyone. Thank you for your understanding.

Out of a Jam

3RVS is pleased to announce our support for “Out of a Jam” by making their Charity Ride our official club tour on Saturday, June 17. Out of a Jam was started to help women not only out of a simple jam, but also to assist those caught in the wake of tragedy, domestic abuse, and addiction. In conjunction with Steppin’ Up Physical Therapy and Spokesmen Cycling, 3RVS is encouraging all of our members to attend this charity ride for a good local cause. The tour will be a mass start at 9:30 AM from Spokesmen Cycling, on Main Street, Roanoke, Indiana. Distance options are 20/40/60 miles with SAG stops along the three routes. All riders receive a jar of jam made by the students of Out of a Jam. Photos will be taken of each rider as they conquer Maple Grove Hill, professional massages will be available after the ride by Steppin’ Up Physical Therapy and Joseph Decuis will cater a post ride meal. Online registration is available at 3RVS members receive a $5.00 discount by entering the code “Member_3rvs_2017” during online registration. Please come and join us for a fun-filled day of cycling. Your registration fee will be of great assistance to women overcoming major issues in their lives.

Last Call for 3RVS Jerseys & Kits

We still have a small supply of 3RVS jerseys & kits available to members. Mona Will is our contact person at: You may also see Steve Pequignot at any of the weekend tours. Steve will have a small supply of each available size. Members may use cash, check or credit card for purchases at weekend tour sites.

National Bike Challenge

At press time, Team 3RVS is currently in 5th place in the National Bike Challenge. We have our largest team ever, currently 109 members have registered with NBC. On our Strava team roster we have 121 members, meaning 12 members have not registered with NBC, thus their miles do not count. We ask each member on our team roster listed at to ensure you have registered this year with NBC. The process is easy and only takes a minute to setup. Follow these five steps and you will be set to challenge:

1. Go to:
2. Select “Join” and “Connect with Strava.
3. Create a Strava account or log in to your existing Strava account.
4. Link to “Team 3RVS National Bike Challenge” team on Strava by selecting the “explore” tab and selecting “clubs” or follow this link:
5. Log your rides on Strava and they will automatically import into the National Bike Challenge. Please be sure to link to the team on Strava or the points will not be shared with Team 3RVS.