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Title Modified Date Author
September Touring Challenge 06 October 2014 Written by Stever Pequignot
National Bicycle Challenge Event 03 October 2014 Written by Mona Will and Steve Pequignot
Battle on The Banks 29 August 2014 Written by mheyes
Overnighter Bike Ride 22 June 2014 Written by James Reilly
T-Shirt Design Contest 05 May 2014 Written by Kathy Boling
City Tour 30 April 2014 Written by James Reily
Midwest Tandem Rally: An Indiana Tradition 26 April 2014 Written by Kent & Anne Ellis
Time Trials 26 April 2014 Written by mheyes
2014 Colavita-Zipp Time Trial Series 07 April 2014 Written by mheyes
What The FWO Race Team Did This Winter 03 March 2014 Written by Dennis Zech
Summit City Bicycles & Fitness Customer Reward Program 09 February 2014 Written by mheyes
Barbara Pontius 09 December 2013 Written by Cheryl Mathews
2013 Short Circuit Century 26 August 2013 Written by Phil Snider
Club Century Ride 27 August 2013 Written by Steve Pequignot
Indiana Tandem Rally 2013 16 July 2013 Written by Anne & Kent Ellis
Pokagon Ride 04 August 2013 Written by James Reilly
Bicycle Friendly Fort Wayne – Advocating for You 18 March 2013 Written by Anne Ellis
Quick Response Image 05 February 2013 Written by Michael Heyes
3RVS Website Viewing on Smartphone 23 January 2013 Written by michael heyes
Summit City Bicycle and Fitness 3rd Annual Ladies Night Out 04 April 2012 Written by Diane Kennedy
Online Registration 07 January 2015 Written by mheyes
Club Clothing 02 March 2015 Written by Kathy Boling
Maker Faire Valet Parking 22 September 2011 Written by mheyes
Holiday Party 20 November 2013 Written by mheyes
New Bicycle Racks And Routes Coming To Fort Wayne 13 April 2013 Written by mheyes
Fort Wayne continues progress on making city more bicycle friendly 20 October 2009 Written by City of Fort Wayne press release
Enthusiast aims to make Fort Wayne more bike-friendly 21 October 2009 Written by Ellie Bogue - News-Sentinel
City peddles bike-friendly plans downtown 21 October 2009 Written by Benjamin Lanka - The Journal Gazette
Website Update 14 October 2009 Written by michael heyes
Dogs Gone Wild - 2009 17 November 2009 Written by mheyes
Don’t let the dogs pick your bike route! 07 October 2009 Written by Kathy Boling
Club Jerseys for 2009 01 October 2014 Written by K. Boling
Koeghan's Cross-Country Ride 08 April 2009 Written by mheyes
Bicycle Summit in Fort Wayne 27 February 2009 Written by mheyes
2009 Race Results 07 September 2009 Written by mheyes
Peloton Cycling Center of Fort Wayne 21 December 2008 Written by mheyes
Franke Park Trail Maintenance 01 October 2009 Written by From combined news services