Don’t let the dogs pick your bike route!

Ever since I can remember, there have been problems with dogs and bicycles. In the past few weeks, dogs have attacked two of our club members, both rides ended with a trip to the hospital and with surgery on the cyclist. There have been many more less serious but memorable and route altering incidents.

Most altercations have not been first time offences. Yet the Animal Control and Care has not cited the owners. Why? Because they were not reported. The dogs have taken out other riders or passersby but still no one called Animal Control and Care. If you pass an area or prefer to take an alternate route because of the chasing dog please consider making the report so there are not more injured cyclist.

In Fort Wayne you can call Animal Control and Care, 7 days a week, from 6AM to 1AM. The number is 260-427-1244. Allen County Sheriff Dept 260-449-7535. Be prepared to give a description of the dog and if you know, the house number.

We all have, or have heard, some terrible dog story. Let's work together to make it safer for all that use the roadways.

Indiana Code 15-5-9-13 requires that dog owners not allow their dogs off their premises unless under the owner's control. Failure to do so is a Class"C" misdemeanor. The owner of a dog that leaves the owner's property and attacks a person, resulting in bodily injury, is liable under the code.