GRO Schedule

Wednesday Evenings – May - August 6:30PM

The ride starts from University of Saint Francis North Campus. 2702 Spring Street (at the cross walk between Leesburg and Lindenwood).

The GRO rides have been through a few changes but continue with our focus to get girls out on bikes, teach riding skills, group skills and road skills all while enjoying new and old friendships.

At each ride we will start with some cycling and route tips. Arrive early - we roll out at 6:30. Expect to ride on city streets and county roads. Routes will change as the wind blows. Road bikes are preferred.

In May we will continue the distance of 20 miles but will increase mileage as the season continues. Our average speed will likely be 14-15 MPH but do expect to roll faster down hills as well as go a bit slower up hills. Our pace will gradually increase with the experience we gain topping off at 17mph average in the summer.


If you have any questions please email me.


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