MTB Schedule

February FTG Schedule

Believe it! The Chilly Challenge proves that winter riding is not only possible but can actually be fun. When the snow piles up we'll be on the cross country skis. Here is the Ride or Ski schedule for Saturdays in  February. Start time is 1 PM:
2-7   - Kreager Park
2-14 -  Franke work and ride/ski
2-21 -  Foster Park
2-28 -  Shoaff Park
March FTG Schedule
As of this writing the winter  looks like it will be around for quite a bit longer. So, what else can  we do but extend the ride or ski season into March? Here's the Saturday  schedule:
March 7 – The Plex – 1 PM
Snow permitting we will ski the  soccer fields and check out who can get the best downhill glide. If we  get a thaw, bring the bike
March 14 – Franke Work, Ride or Ski – 10  AMThere are many ways to enjoy the park. We'll let the weather make the  decision.
March 21 – Rider's Choice – 10 AM
It could be some urban  exploring with a jaunt through the diverging diamond. Or, it could be an  outing to an area off road trail or maybe a visit to an XC ski spot. Meet at  Carmike Cinema on Dupont Road.
March 28 – Salomon Farm – 10  AM
Options abound. Check out the ground. If it is white bring the skis,  brown with a little green, bring the bike. We're betting that the skis will  stay at home.  
For more information contact Phil (The Fat Tired Guy) by clicking on this  or call 419-542-8971.