Touring Report

Touring October 2014 -  Where did the summer go? Our last month of scheduled cycling is upon us. Rather than look ahead into October, I would like to review September, a very exciting month for cycling. September started with a great century tour on Labor Day. Forty-one riders joined us as we toured the roads of northwestern Ohio starting in Hicksville. We had five different loops to choose from so riders could select the distance they wanted. Riding all five loops equaled 100 miles. Thanks to Elizabeth Snider and her volunteers, we had a wonderful SAG in the center of the loops at the Community Park in Cecil. 
The Club Century was a great way to kick off the 3RVS September Touring Challenge powered by Strava. Club members are being challenged to see how many kilometers they can ride during September. Awards will be presented at our End-of-Year Party to 3RVS members who achieve 250 up to 1500 kilometers. At press time 29 riders have joined the touring challenge, logging over 18,000 kilometers, with a week remaining in the month. 
Speaking of a challenge, September 20, was the 11th Annual Huntington Challenge touring event and the 24-mile Team Challenge. 3RVS was pleased to help sponsor the Huntington Challenge for the 11th year. The Huntington Challenge was the club’s official tour that day. This year the organization changed the format of the team challenge to a two-minute interval start for each team, similar to a team time trial format. Congratulations to the 3RVS Ladies Team who finished second in their division. Powered by Mona Will, Justine Viera, Susan Morgan, Cassandra Kline, Angela Dulcet and Emily Payonk, the ladies finished in 1:34:15 to earn their podium position, second to the Fort Wayne Outfitters Ladies Team. For the first time in three years our men’s teams missed the podium, but were very close. 3RVS Team Green consisting of Joe Stull, Andy Grote, Ray Vasquez, Rex Connelly, Chris Leonard and Steve Pequignot finished in 4th place in 1:02:41. 3RVS Team Yellow consisting of Hugh Smith, Graham Wedeven, Tim Landrum, David Park and Patrick Stelte finished in 5th place in 1:03:39. Although neither 3RVS men’s teams reached the podium, I feel this was our clubs best group of riders that we have assembled for this event. Considering the high level of competition from the best racing teams in our area, I wish to congratulate the 18 club members who peddled forward to spend six weeks of training for the event, and compete against well established racers. Ladies and gentlemen of Team 3RVS, you have achieved the challenge. Congratulations. You are all Champions!
As your touring director I enjoy seeing new riders join our touring rides each year. They learn the basic skills of touring with a group and the pleasures of club riding. Some look for a bit more, seeking the aggressive route to racing. While all of the podium awards were presented, I could not help but notice that most of the team members from the first, second and third place teams either are, or were 3RVS members. This is very fulfilling to me. It demonstrates the importance of a local bike club’s roll of spotting new talent interested in racing and directing them to the right group who can develop that talent to a level worthy of a racer. I congratulate the podium teams of the Huntington Team Challenge: Fort Wayne Outfitters 1, The Huntington Spokesmen, Fort Wayne Outfitters 2 and Fort Wayne Outfitters Ladies Team for your victories and for your efforts in grooming 3RVS touring riders who have joined your ranks to become racers.

Kim, Marsha and Jan