Touring Report

Touring 2015 - We are three months away from the opening of the 2015 touring season and already making plans to ride this spring. Our goal for 2015 is to attract more riders to the weekend tours. In an effort to make a more diverse group of riders feel welcome to attend the weekend tours our objective is to expand the different pace groups from three to five at as many of the weekend tours as can be conveniently scheduled. Hopefully, such a change will give more riders the opportunity to join our weekend tours, get some exercise and have fun on the road with fellow members, without the fear of being dropped.
To achieve this objective we will try to have ride leaders at as many of our weekend tours as possible for the following pace groups: A Group, 20+ mph pace; B Group, 18/19 mph pace; C Group, 16/17 mph pace; D Group, 14/15 mph pace; and the E Group, 10/13 mph pace.
Group Pace
The group pace is considered the speed one rides on flat ground without the push of a tailwind/downhill, or the drag of a headwind/uphill. In other words, a group would ride faster than the advertised pace with a tailwind or downhill grade and slower into a headwind or uphill grade. The advertised pace should not be confused with the average speed for the entire ride as noted on a bike computer. One's overall average speed drops on a bike computer about 0.1 mph for every stop made along the ride. Therefore, your bike computer will show an average speed lower than your advertised pace on most rides.
Welcome Rides 
We will have some changes in our monthly Welcome Rides in 2015. Welcome Rides will no longer have a designated pace. New and non-member riders will be welcome to join whichever pace group they feel is most suited for them during a Welcome Ride. Therefore, we will designate a date in which all five pace groups have a ride leader present as our Welcome Ride. One monthly Welcome Ride will be scheduled each month April through September.
Ride Leaders
I am pleased to announce that we have ride leaders for three of our five pace groups. Mona Will and Jeff Kenny will lead the new C Group. Mona already has a new name for that group, the Cutters. The D Group will be led by Doug Myers and Amy Copeland. Doug and Amy will lead this group at the former Bees group pace. The name of the group may be changed by Doug and Amy to better reflect that groups pace. The touring director will lead the A Group unless needed elsewhere on specific weekends.
We are searching for ride leaders for the B and E Groups. The B Group will be a new group and the E Group is the SLOWER Group from last season. Since Amy and Mona have moved to lead other groups, we are looking for interested members to keep the SLOWER Group in motion. If you would like to lead one of these two groups on some or all of our weekend tours please contact the touring director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
I wish you a wonderful offseason and look forward to seeing you on the road this spring.