Touring Report

Touring November 2014 -  It’s hard to believe that our 46th touring season is over. The summer months seem to past quickly. I will miss the warm afternoon rides during the week and riding with many of you on the weekend tours. This cycling season has been very enjoyable for me because of you, the members of 3RVS. Through your love of the sport our tours gave us a common interest. A time to spin away from some of life’s stressful demands while enjoying quality moments on the open road together, sometimes engaged in cycling conversation and other times riding in the red zone at a pace too fast to speak. The breeze in your face, the sun warming your back, the tailwind pushing you along with your cycling friends. Those are the golden moments of cycling; moments that you may remember for a lifetime. Those memories are priceless and I have each of you to thank for sharing your cycling life with me this season.
Because of your passion for the sport and your eagerness to welcome new riders, the club gained many new members this season.  It took many dedicated club members to make the touring season successful. We offered seven weekly tours and one monthly tour. I wish to thank our touring ride leaders for organizing and dedicating so much time to their respective tours. I am sure that the tours were fun for them, however, there are times when schedules conflict, or the weather is not so good, yet, the ride leaders still made the effort to ensure the tours continued. My sincere thanks to these ride leaders: Steve Souers, Fall & Winter Weekend Show ‘n Go Tours; Hugh Smith, Tuesday & Thursday Carroll Tours; Deb Watts and Randy Armstrong, Tuesday Kreager Tours; Patrick Stelte, Wednesday Saturn Rides; Kathy Boling and Brenda Wiley, Thursday Girls Ride Out Tours; Doug Myers, weekend Bees Tours; Amy Copeland and Mona Will, weekend SLOWER Tours; Jim Reilly and Bill Lambert, Lawton Park City Tours; Jim Reilly and Rick Bokern for helping me with the weekend tours, and Luis DeVerya for being such a wonderful sweeper on the weekend tours. Thank you all for your time, dedication and making these tours enjoyable for our members.
Our tours would not have been as popular without our publication and resource people. Kathy Boling, Michael Heyes and Wendy Vieyra have worked many hours disseminating cycling information to the membership and the public. Through our newsletter, website and the local news media, our club has kept our members and the community informed about our many events, thank you Kathy, Mike and Wendy for yours services.
Additionally, I wish to thank you, the riders and members who make our sport and 3RVS what it is today, an active group of people who love cycling. Thank you all for the camaraderie and a great cycling season. Finally, I would like to thank the club officers for supporting my touring requests and permitting me to add the September Touring Challenge to our list of activities this season. 
During the off-season, we still have two touring options available. I am pleased to announce that Steve Souers will lead us through the cold months again on his Fall & Winter Show ‘n Go Tours on the weekends. Look for Steve’s announcements in the newsletter and on the club website regarding weekend Show ‘n Go starting times and locations. Jim Reilly and Bill Lambert will continue their monthly City Tours through the winter starting at Lawton Park, each first Friday of the month beginning at 6:30 PM.
I look forward to riding with you next spring.Kim, Marsha and Jan