Touring Notes

Touring April 2014
Finally, after one of the hardest winters in this area ever, spring is here.  Three Rivers Velo Sport’s 46th season begins with a Welcome Ride on Sunday, April 6, at 12:00 PM. We will meet in the west parking lot at Leo High School. There will be two distance options 20 and 40 miles. If the weather is kind to us I expect a large crowd. We are planning various pace groups from 10 to 20+ mph. If you don’t have many miles in this season, the Welcome Ride will be a great opportunity for you to get out and enjoy a gentle 20-mile spin. Whatever your current fitness level may be, we should have a group pace that will suit your ability. If you are new to the club this will be a good opportunity to come and meet the club officers and touring ride leaders. Most of them will be present and will be introduced prior to the start of the tour.
In addition to our weekend tours beginning this month, some of our weeknight tours will be starting as well. The Kreager Tours will begin at Kreager Park, Tuesday, April 8, at 6:00 PM. The Kreager Tour format will change a little from last season, in that both pace groups will ride on the same night, at the same time. The 13/15 mph pace group will be led by Deb Watts and the 10/12 mph pace group will be led by Randy Armstrong. Deb and Randy are collaborating  and believe both groups can start together then split during the tour depending on the attendance. Several route options toward the Woodburn area will be used ranging from 20 to 30 miles. Other routes may be utilized later in the season as road conditions improve.
Hugh Smith will return as the ride leader for the Carroll Rides on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Hugh is still recovering from two off-season surgeries. We expect his rides to begin in mid-April.  
The highflying Saturn Ride will begin Wednesday, April 9. Club President, Patrick Stelte will lead the group again this year. If you enjoy a 25-mile, fast paced tour, then don’t miss these great mid-week rides. Patrick pulls out from Saturn Church at 6:00 PM. The group rides a loop to either Roanoke or Columbia City. 
Kathy Boling will lead the Girls Ride Out again this year but on a new night and start location. The rides begin April 16 on Wednesday evenings and on the Wells Street Bridge. Roll out time is 6:15 PM. The start location will change for the May through August rides. Details are still being worked out.
Doug Myers will lead the weekend Bees Rides for his second season. In addition to leading a Bee’s pace ride on opening day, Doug will kick off the Bee’s schedule on Saturday, April 26. The Bees’ pace is 14/15 MPH. 

Kim, Marsha and Jan