Destinatination Rides #1 - Nickel Plate Trail

All are welcome Amy Copeland and Jennifer Altherr would like to welcome all to attend the first in what we plan to be a series of “destination” rides for the club this summer. All destination rides will lead us along trails and roads outside of the Fort Wayne area and to some new adventures.


nickle trail

This first ride will be held Saturday April 22nd, National Earth Day, on the Nickel Plate Trail. We will ask anyone who wants to carpool to meet near the Starbuck's in Coventry off Highway 24 at 5723 Coventry Lane by 9:15 so that we can condense our vehicles for a 9:30 departure, and we will arrive at the Nickel Plate trailhead in Rochester, parking is located on Wabash Ave just north of Mitchell St, approximately 10:45.  Anyone who cannot make the initial location or does not wish to carpool can meet at the trailhead in Rochester around 10:45 in anticipation for an 11:00 ride start time.  

We will ride approximately 18.5 miles to Denver IN where we will stop for lunch and eat as a group at DeAngelo's Pizzaria starting at approximately 12:30.  After lunch we will then ride the same 18.5 miles of trail back to Rochester.

The pathway we will be riding is a fully paved converted rail path and will be suitable to any style bike. Although we anticipate a slower 13-15 mph pace for this early in the season ride we plan to accommodate all pace groups using a buddy system wherein no one rides alone and ride leaders will have cell numbers available for use of all in the group should any problems arise.   

Additional information on the Nickel Plate trail can be found at