Team 3RVS - The 2017 National Bike Challenge

April 25, 2017

Written by Amy Copeland

The National Bike Challenge is back again this year with an all new website, new sponsors, and a new way to log miles. The National Bike Challenge is a nationwide event uniting thousands of current bicyclists—and encouraging countless new riders. It is a free and easy way to challenge yourself, your colleagues and your community to ride more while competing on a local, state and national level.
nbc 2017

Points Explained

As in past years it will be a point based contest. Points are awarded throughout the challenge and are cumulative over the duration. The points are awarded as follows:

  1. 20 Challenge points are awarded for each day you ride a mile or more
  2. 1 Challenge point is awarded for each mile ridden
  3. Miles must be logged to the day they were ridden.
  4. Rides can be logged at anytime over the month but must be logged or synced by 11:59 pm central time of the last day of each month.
  5. Any outdoor bicycle miles will count, be it road, track, trail, etc. and in the case of tandems both riders get to count the miles (each will need an id), and since some riders need a little assistance due to health issues electric assist bikes will also count as long as they are pedal assisted and not throttle controlled. Sorry folks no zwifting! Miles cannot be stationary or virtual rides.

Team 3RVS

I am happy to announce that Three Rivers Velo Sport will have a team for the challenge again this year and this year we will have an unlimited number of members and all ages may participate. We won our size division the past two years so this year let’s team up together to win it all! As in the past however, you MUST be a current 3RVS club member to be on the 3RVS NBC team. If you have never been a member or have forgotten to renew, now is a great time to get that detail taken care of.

Join the Challenge

Follow these five easy steps to join the National Bike Challenge and the 3RVS team. They have a new website, so even if you participated in the past, everyone will need to register, even if you are currently listed on the Team 3RVS National Bike Challenge Strava page at you must link to the team again this year.

  1. Navigate to:
  2. Select “Join” and “Connect with Strava.” (screenshot)
  3. Create a Strava account or log in to your existing Strava account. (screenshot)
  4. Link to “Team 3RVS National Bike Challenge” team on Strava by selecting the “explore” tab and selecting “clubs” or just follow this link
  5. Log your rides on Strava and they will automatically import into the National Bike Challenge. Please be sure to link to the team on Strava or the points will not be shared with the group or your school, workplace, race team, or other group also has a team you may also join them. With the new Strava setup you may participate in multiple teams, but we of course want you as part of our team! Also, please be sure to add your city to your Strava Profile settings. Cities and states have their own leader boards for the challenge and you certainly don’t want your hometown to get shortchanged in the rankings! (screenshot)

    If you do not have an electronic device for tracking your miles there is no reason to fear. You may manually add your miles in Strava much like you could in past years of the challenge, you will just need to log them in Strava instead of on the National Bike Challenge page. From Strava just click the orange + sign on the up right corner and select “manual entry” to log your ride. (screenshot)

Be sure to log your miles regularly. Some teams and individuals can get quite competitive, it is always good to know where you and the team stands against everyone else, and its best to not wait until the last minute. Even though the Challenge runs May 1st to September 30th, each month is also an individual contest. So if you don’t win one month you can always win the next, but only if you log the miles during the current month. If you go in on June 1st to log in miles for May 30th, you will not receive the points. And YES, there are prizes. Each month they will randomly draw for prizes and email you if you win, and our team has had winners in previous years. It could be you!

The sooner you sign up the better! The Strava team link is currently open to join however, after May 1st the link will be purged of anyone who is not a 3RVS member and requests to join the team will have to be approved after club membership is validated. Use this extra time before May 1st to get use to the site, ask questions, and get in the habit of logging those miles

If you experience any problems getting started or have questions you can contact Amy at or Steve at or see Amy Copeland or Steve Pequignot at a club ride.