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Latest News / July 2015 club meeting agenda
« Last post by Patrick on June 29, 2015, 02:06:23 PM »
The 3RVS monthly meeting is Thursday, July 2nd @ 7:30pm at the downtown public library, meeting room B.  All are welcome to attend.

1.  Call to Order

2.  Officer Reports:   

   Secretary - Tim Claypool
   Treasurer - Hugh Smith
   Touring - Steve Pequignot
   Off-Road - Phil Snider 
   Newsletter - Kathy Boling
   Membership - Jane Lewandowski
   Publicity - Mon Will
   Racing - Joe Bartels
   Webmaster - Mike Heyes

3.  Additional Items of Interest
     - Festival Tour
    -  Club Century Ride Update
4.  Good of the Order

5.  Adjournment
Latest News / June 2015 club meeting minutes
« Last post by Patrick on June 12, 2015, 09:34:11 PM »
Club Meeting Minutes for June 4, 2015
*Officers present
Patrick Stelte,. President
Hugh Smith, Treasurer
Steve Pequignot, Touring
Phil Snider, Off-Road
Jane Lewandowski, Membership
Joe Bartels, Racing
*Officers absent
Kathy Boling, Newsletter
Tim Claypool, Secretary
Mona Will, Publicity
Mike Heyes, Webmaster

Meeting called to order at 7:35 by Patrick. Welcome extended to guest and new club member (Kacey), and club member (Dan Hamblin), and officers.  Patrick asked club members to pass May 2015 meeting minutes and minutes were passed without alteration.

Treasurer’s Report:  Hugh explained revenues and expenditures over the last thirty days.  $399 was reimbursed to Steve Pequignot for purchase of club cycling caps.  $100 of new revenue for membership and $485 of revenue for clothing were reported. 

Touring Report:  Steve passed along a complaint from the June 2nd Kreager Ride.  23 cyclists were present for the ride on a windy night.  Several cyclists (non-regulars) pushed a higher than normal pace into the wind, splitting and splintering the group.  This disruption caused the regular members to struggle.  After the ride, a comment was posted on the club’s Facebook page about the disruption from the pace.  Approximately 30 comments followed.  Steve will contact ride leader about pace group designation prior to ride so that this scenario won’t occur again.

Steve is planning a new ride for “B” group cyclists because of the influx of new cyclists to group riding. The ride is every Wednesday night at 6pm from Jefferson Middle School, starting June 10th.  The pace will be 18 mph for approximately 30 miles – no drop, no stop rules.  The focus will be on group riding skills.  Details will be posted on the club’s website and Facebook page.  Also, June 7th, ride leaders and Bike Ambassadors will have their picture taken for “MeCals”, a decal action photo of the participant.  This $30 fee is provided free as a thank you for volunteer efforts.

Off-Road Report:  Phil stated that Franke Park was wet for most of the month of May.  Phil emphasized the need to stay off the trails until it they are dry.  Trail maintenance is the 2nd Saturday of each month.  NITRO is in charge of Franke Park maintenance.

Membership Report:  Jane gave an end of May total of 281 members.  126 Family, 155 individuals.  58 new club members since January 1st.

Publicity Report:  Mona sent her report to Patrick to read into the minutes.  In an effort to get more people out on their bikes with 3RVS and become members, she is sending the weekly ride schedule to Whatz Up publication, a local weekly entertainment newspaper.  The schedule in the paper and online version will begin in June.

Newsletter:  No report.

Racing Report:  Joe has decided to have all Tuesday night World Championship Racing at the Flaugh Road course (Bethlehem Lutheran Church meet up).  He hopes that one location will build ridership.  He feels that rotating the courses week-to-week has fractured participation.  As an example:  Average ridership in April (all Flaugh Rd.) was 30; however May’s rotating locations averaged 15 racers.

Joe also talked about pace designation.  A Tuesday night Kreager cyclist showed up for a Wednesday night Saturn ride.  The cyclist considered himself to be an “A” group rider at Kreager and thought the “A” group at Saturn was the same pace.  The cyclist quickly realized his mistake in the parking lot and Joe explained the difference.  Joe requested that ride leaders post their weekly results on Facebook to show the pace of each ride for cyclists to understand what to expect.  After several minutes of discussion about the difference between pace and average speed, no determination was made and any posting of weekly results is left up to ride leaders.

Addition Items of Interest:

Festival Tour Route:  Phil met with the Whitley County Highway Department Commissioner about road conditions for the Festival Tour.  Earlier, Phil drove the tour route and found several sections of bad road.  The Commissioner stated that some of the route is schedule for patching, but other portions will not be repaired until next year.  Phil is working on a re-route.  Steve Pequignot handed out a rough re-route map that he has worked on.  However, the loops are longer that the normal routes.  A deadline of two weeks prior to the tour has been given for last minute patching by Whitley Co.  After that deadline, an alternative route will be finalized.

Festival Tour T-Shirt Design:  Steve brought several examples of colors and designs for the Festival Tour t-shirt.  A color and design was selected and Steve will contact Kathy about prior years’ allotment and t-shirt makers used.

Three Rivers Festival Parade:  Jim Kelsey from “Bike Town Indiana” again requested club members’ participation in his Festival parade entry.  He is looking to add four 3RVS members.  Patrick will post his request on Facebook and the requirements of participation.  Mr. Kelsey initially requested club participation at the March club meeting.  His request was posted in the newsletter and on the club’s Facebook page.

Meeting adjourned at 9pm
Minutes taken by Patrick Stelte, President 
Touring / New Wednesday night rides starting June 10
« Last post by mheyes on June 07, 2015, 03:09:04 PM »
Development Ride

Ride Time: 6:00 PM.

Distance: about 30 miles

Ride Leader: Steve Pequignot

Location: Jefferson Middle School, 5303 Wheelock Road

Pace: B Group 18/19 MPH

Route: Flat, on excellent roads, east of New Haven to the Woodburn area. This is a no-drop, no-stop ride. Group B riders are expected to be able to maintain a minimum pace of 18 MPH, a little slower into a headwind and a little faster with a tailwind. This ride will focus on developing group riding skills, i.e., hand signs, various types of drafting, single pace-line, dual pace-line, echelon, "wagon wheel" rotation ( ie. rotating paceline ), hiding in the peloton, utilizing the most efficient draft for the conditions and the group.

Ride begins Wednesday, June 10, 2015 and runs through August 26, 2015. This ride will be canceled if weather conditions are not favorable for a safe group ride. Check the club's Facebook page for cancellations. All riders must wear helmets. It is recommended that all riders use a red flashing blinker light on this ride.
Latest News / June 2015 club meeting agenda
« Last post by Patrick on June 01, 2015, 05:30:55 PM »
3RVS will have the monthly club meeting Thursday, June 4th @ 7:30pm at the downtown library, meeting room B.  All are welcome to attend.

1.  Call to Order

2.  Officer Reports:   

   Secretary - Tim Claypool
   Treasurer - Hugh Smith
   Touring - Steve Pequignot
   Off-Road - Phil Snider 
   Newsletter - Kathy Boling
   Membership - Jane Lewandowski
        Publicity - Mon Will
   Racing - Joe Bartels
   Webmaster - Mike Heyes

5.  Additional Items of Interest
     - Festival Tour
   A. Route
   B.  Registration
   C. T-Shirt Design
     -  FWPD Bike Patrol
6.  Good of the Order

7.  Adjournment
Latest News / May 2015 club meeting minutes
« Last post by Patrick on May 23, 2015, 01:45:08 PM »
Club Meeting Minutes for May 7, 2015
*Officers present
Patrick Stelte, President
Hugh Smith, Treasurer
Steve Pequignot, Touring
Phil Snider, Off-Road
Jane Lewandowski, Membership
Kathy Boling, Newsletter
Wendy Vieyra, Publicity

*Officers absent
Joe Bartels Racing
Mike Heyes Webmaster

Meeting called to order 7:30 by Patrick. Welcome members Dan Hamblin, Rick Bokern and Tim Ellsworth, extended to guest Greg Beal and officers.  Introduction of officers and members to guests. - minutes presented for meeting of April 2nd 2015. Motion to accept minutes by Steve second by Patrick. Vote carried, minutes accepted.

First order of business, election of new publicity officer.  Patrick nominated Mon Will for office.  No one in attendance offered to nominate another club member for publicity officer.  Mona Will appointed publicity officer.

-Treasurers report by Hugh. Explained debits and credits. Debts include purchase of club jerseys and shorts ($4,941); Donation to Trek the Trails of $500; website domain renewal of $37.99.  Revenue collected from memberships and purchase by club members of jerseys and shorts (pre-paid) for total of $1,605.  Franke Fund has $1,302.

-Touring report by Steve.  “Ride RMHC Tour” wrap up:  total participants of 271 (2014 totaled 195).  Steve was informed by RMHC that the name Ronald McDonald cannot be used in promotion of event (trademark rights).  June weekend touring starts at 10am.  June 20th will be a double tour, morning club ride and evening club ride supporting “I CAN RIDE @ NITE” charity event (3RVS partnership).  Event route has been finalized and approved by FWPD to start at Shoaff Park and consist of 15.4 miles with a leisurely pace.  Festivities to start at 4pm, mass start ride beginning at 7pm with police escort through major intersections.  Pre-registration is $25:  Day of ride cost of $30.  3RVS has committed to support event with ten Bike Ambassadors.  Steve would also like to thank all Bike Ambassadors for volunteering with Ride RMHC Tour.

Cycling Caps update:  To be shipped May 18th per Steve Pequignot.

Road Off Report by Phil.  Weather has been antagonistic for trail work at Franke Park.  Phil has driven a 35 mile portion of the Festival Tour route and is satisfied with road conditions.

Cycling Shorts update by Kathy.  Side panels of shorts are yellow with logo on back of thigh.  The rest of the short is black with white trim.  The shorts and jerseys will ship by May 30th.

Membership Report by Jane.  252 total members to date with 120 family and 132 individuals.  37 new and renewal memberships since previous month.  Club membership online registration has moved from to

Publicity Report by outgoing officer Wendy.  She transferred all appropriate materials to new officer Mona Will.

Racing Report by Kathy.  April 16th club time trial was attended  by 14 riders.  May time trial is Thursday the 21st.  Time trials will run through August and posted on club website.  All participants must be club members to be timed.

Festival Tour Update.  Brochures approved for pricing.  Post meeting note (pricing for Three Rivers Festival promotion has been finalized).  Hincapie Sports offered a proposal to produce jerseys for Festival Tour.  Officers present discussed proposal.  Concerns were stated:  1) timeline is tight for design and orders; 2) club could get stuck with overstock and negative financial balance; 3) suggestion to sell 3RVS jerseys at ride as an alternative.  Final recommendation was not to offer ride specific jerseys for Festival Tour in 2015, but may consider for future rides.

Steve Peguignot has taken responsibility to produce a t-shirt for the Festival Tour and will present design at June meeting.

Girls Ride Out update.  Thursday night club sponsored ride has a new location and ride leader.  Brenda Wiley is the new ride leader and she has moved the ride from Arcola to Roanoke Park.  She has added the possibility of ice cream or winery stop during the ride (dependent to ridership approval for a particular evening).

Fort 4 Fitness update.  3RVS has a partnership with Fort 4 Fitness to support the ride and Patrick would like to thank all Ride Ambassadors for the efforts, as well as Dan Grotrian for volunteering as SAG driver.  Due to rain prior to the event, a number of flat tires occured on the ride requiring ambassadors and Dan assistance.  The pre-registration for event was 904.  Total number of riders will be announced at the June meeting.   

Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm

Minutes taken by Patrick Stelte, 3RVS President.
Touring / Tuesday May 26 Carroll Ride
« Last post by HughDog on May 13, 2015, 08:46:12 PM »
I won't be able to make it to lead the Carroll ride on Tuesday, May 26 because of a conflict with a school program.  If someone else is willing to take the lead that night, please let me ( or Steve Pequignot ( know and we will get it posted. 

Thanks - Hugh
Touring / Thursday May 7, 2015 Carroll Ride
« Last post by HughDog on May 07, 2015, 01:40:26 PM »
Although a ride from Carroll is not usually scheduled on the first Thursday of the month because of the Club meeting, David Park will be riding from Carroll High School tonight if anyone is interested in joining him.  Departure will be from the north parking lot between the high school and freshman academy at 6:00 pm.
Latest News / May 2015 club meeting agenda
« Last post by Patrick on May 04, 2015, 02:14:02 PM »
The 3RVS monthly club meeting is this Thursday, May 7th @ 7:30pm at the downtown library, meeting room B.  All are welcome to attend.

1.  Call to Order

2.  Nomination for Publicity Officer

3.  Officer Reports:   

   Secretary - Tim Claypool
   Treasurer - Hugh Smith
   Touring  - Steve Pequignot (RMHC Wrap Up)
   Off-Road  - Phil Snider 
   Newsletter - Kathy Boling
   Membership - Jane Lewandowski
          Publicity - TBA
   Racing  - Joe Bartels
   Webmaster - Mike Heyes

4.  Additional Items of Interest
          - Update Fort 4 Fitness
   - Girls Ride Out New Location
   - 3RVS Clothing Update
   - I CAN BIKE @ NITE Update
5.  Good of the Order

7.  Adjournment
Latest News / Publicity Officer
« Last post by Patrick on April 18, 2015, 02:43:38 AM »
Our publicity officer, Wendy Vieyra is stepping down at the end of April.  If you are interested in being publicity officer, please e-mail me before May 7th -  The position will be filled at the monthly club meeting on May 7th.  You must be a club member to serve.  If there are several interested members, an election will be held at the meeting.  As of April 17th, one member has applied.

Patrick Stelte,
President, 3RVS
Touring / Tuesday, April 21, No Carroll High School Ride
« Last post by HughDog on April 17, 2015, 07:14:33 PM »
Because of a schedule conflict, there will not be an official ride from Carroll High School this coming Tuesday, April 21. 
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