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Latest News / Nominations for 3RVS Officers for 2015
« Last post by Patrick on December 19, 2014, 08:29:15 PM »
Club members, nominations are now open for club officers for the year 2015.  If you are interested in being a 3RVS officer, please send me an e-mail with the office you are interested in holding.  Nominations will close at the end of December.  Elections for office will be held Thursday, January 8th @ 7:30pm at the monthly 3RVS meeting located at the downtown library - meeting room C.

Patrick Stelte, President, 3RVS
Latest News / November 2014 club meeting minutes
« Last post by Patrick on December 04, 2014, 03:24:18 PM »
Club Meeting Minutes for November 6th 2014
*Officers present
Patrick Stelte President
Hugh Smith Treasurer
Steve Pequignot Touring
Phil Snider Off-Road
Jane Lewandowski Membership
Kathy Boling Newsletter
Wendy Vieyra
Tim Claypool Secretary
*Officers absent
MikeHeyes Webmaster
Jerry Withham racing

Patrick, Meeting called to order with welcome to guest and members.

-Minutes presented for meeting of October 2, 2014. Motion to accept minutes Jane, second by Patrick. Vote carried minutes accepted.

-Treasurers report by Hugh. Explained debits and credits. Totals include Franke project $1,302.82, Jerseys -$1183.90 Jersey Bins -$130.00. Debts include pay for 6 months get 1 free (7 month) rental fee for storage locker. Jersey ride expenses. Credits include insurance refund for dropped coverage on Huntington Challenge / tour, Franke trails, and reduced participation / riders in Festival tour.

-Touring report by Steve. Touring director provided a total of 55 weekend rides for the 2014 season. The average riders were 21.1 per event with a total of 2403 riders. Special events included Ronald McDonald House tour, Fort 4 Fitness tour, Three Rivers Festival tour, and Huntington Challenge and Jersey Ride. Add to the above are the many weekday tours offered by touring. A suggestion to Steve from a member was a tour that a tour bus would be rented and drive riders out 100 miles into the wind. Riders would then travel back to Fort Wayne with a full tail wind. Many ideas were discussed and the idea will be considered while planning the 2015 season. Steve put forward another idea: a double century ride was discussed with an overnight stay.  This too, will also be considered at a later date.  Opening day 2015 is scheduled for Saturday April 11th. The club will be assisting with the Ronald McDonald tour. Patrick has asked organizers for the event to attend a club meeting to share ideas and expectations. Fort 4 Fitness has also extended an invitation to the club for involvement in the 2015 spring tour.

-Off Road report by Phil. Continue urban gravel road and off road exploration. Phil expressed concern with the up-keep of the Franke trail system and suggested assisting with funds that are set aside for this project. Discussion followed. Patrick suggested the club allow NITRO and Parks Department to follow through with plans they have in mind with the trails. If the club is asked for assistance at a later date the funds could be available if responsibility for Franke trails upkeep wanes with the current NITRO / Parks relationship. Patrick thanked Phil for his continued support and the many years the off road group invested in the trail.
-Newsletter report by Kathy. Reminders will be sent out for “End of year party”, Christmas Light ride, and Membership renewal reminder.

-Membership report by Jane. Renewals for 2015 have started to arrive. Jane reminds all members of the importance of renewing to assure insurance coverage. Membership numbers are 140 family and 162 individuals for a total of 302 members.

-Publicity report by Wendy (prior to meeting start due to pressing matter) Wendy reports the A-frame poster boards are progressing. The art work will be finished soon and shared with officers for final approval. 
-Racing report from Jerry as reported by Kathy. Gary Painter is asking for the clubs commitment for the 2015 Colavita time trial series. Patrick moved that once further information is obtained about the 2015 race season, a final commitment will be discussed and voted upon.  * Post meeting note:  Colavita announced in late November that they will not have a 2015 race season.

-Webmaster. Mike continues to monitor and update web site. Meeting minutes, news, and events are added as part of the updates. Patrick extended appreciation for Mike’s ever diligent work with the club website.

Additional Items of Interest
-End of year party plans are underway. December 5th is the date with refreshments same as last year. Dawn Riche will present a state of the trails address and update trail news. Membership renewal will be accepted at the party.

-January meeting. Patrick made a motion to move the meeting to January 8th with the first Thursday being New Year’s Day. Motion carried.

-A presentation for a Chilly Challenge sponsorship did not materialize as expected.  The speaker cancelled and possible sponsorship is in doubt.   

- Steve brought forth a concern about club meetings on Facebook.  October’s minutes created a Facebook thread that, at times, became “too personal” for the public sphere.   After extensive discussion, it is the desire of the officers present to utilize this media to keep the membership and perspective members informed of meeting topics and reports.  Officers expressed the desire to see to members wishes.  When not present at meetings officers can still obtain feedback on decisions made at meetings. However, the officers directed Patrick to delete any comments that may be offensive.  Officers extend an invitation and welcome members to attend meetings to assure all wishes and desires are discussed.
-Meeting adjourned 8:55 pm.

Prepared by Secretary Tim Claypool 
Latest News / November 2014 club meeting agenda
« Last post by Patrick on November 03, 2014, 08:34:15 PM »
3RVS will be holding the monthly club meeting Thursday, November 6th @ 7:30pm at the downtown library Globe Room (next to the big globe) on the first floor near the west entrance.  All are welcome to attend.

1.  Call to Order

2.  Officer Reports:   

   Secretary - Tim Claypool
   Treasurer - Hugh Smith
   Touring  - Steve Pequignot
   Off-Road  - Phil Snider
   Newsletter - Kathy Boling
   Membership - Jane Lewandowski
          Publicity - Wendy Vieyra
   Racing  - Jerry Witham
   Webmaster - Mike Heyes

4.  Additional Items of Interest
     - Chilly Challenge Sponsorship Presentation - Greg Perigo
     - End of Year Party
     - Club Meeting Minutes on Facebook
     - January Meeting Date

5.  Good of the Order

Latest News / October 2014 club meeting minutes
« Last post by Patrick on October 17, 2014, 09:08:24 PM »
Club Meeting Minutes for October 2, 2014
*Officers present
Patrick Stelte President
Hugh Smith Treasurer
Steve Pequignot Touring
Phil Snider Off-Road
Jane Lewandowski Membership
Kathy Boling Newsletter
Wendy Vieyra
Tim Claypool Secretary
*Officers absent
MikeHeyes Webmaster
Jerry Withham racing

Patrick, Meeting called to order with welcome to guest and members.

-Minutes presented for meeting of September 4th 2014. Motion to accept minutes Wendy, second by Patrick. Vote carried minutes accepted.
-Treasurers report by Hugh. He explained debits and credits. Totals include Franke project $942.72, Jerseys -$1183.90 Jersey Bins -$130.00.  Phil presented a check for the sale of club String Trimmer and Leaf Blower to NITRO for use in maintaining the Franke trails. Sale total was $400.00, minus $39.90 for repair of equipment, amount to be deposited in Franke project account is $360.10.
-Off Road report by Phil. Monday night and weekend rides continue. Off Roadies will NITRO with trail work and up keep at Franke trails.
-Touring report by Steve. Jersey ride Saturday October 4th mass start at 10:00 am. October rides move to 11:00 am for the remainder of the month. Rides for October 11 & 12 will be show and go. On October 18 club riders will participate in the National Bike Challenge. Another group, Discovery HTC will leave Kokomo and meet 3RVS riders in Wabash. Mileage options are 25 to 66 miles. Last official tour ride will be Sunday, October 26th. Tours then will become show and go with Steve Souers leading the winter rides. Strava Challenge ended with 32 riders participating in the event for the month of September. The club members riding in this event will be awarded metals during the end of year party. The stats were as follows 6 entries at 250 k, 7 at 500 k, 6 at 750 k, 2 at 1250 k, and 6 at or above 1500 k level. Steve explained the engravings that will be placed on the awards. Patrick made a motion to accept the design and purchase the awards, Phil second, vote carried.  Also, podium plaques will be awarded to the three highest mileage riders.
-Racing report by Jerry as shared by Kathy. It was reported that we have had 2 events of physical violence and aggressive riding at 2 club sponsored training rides. Also verbal abuse and un-sportsmanlike language has been reported at club training rides. With a lot of input from members present it was decided that a “code of conduct” is needed for club sponsored rides. This topic will be addressed during the off season to allow a full meeting to assure proper handling.
-Newsletter report by Kathy. Combining news for Nov/Dec and Jan/Feb issues. Kathy ask for any member news or season ride highlights to be sent by the 18th of each month.
-Membership report by Jane. Club has a total of 299 members that include 159 single and 140 family (70 x 2). Jane reports several new members signing onto the club.
Publicity report by Wendy. Wendy shared a poster “A” frame, sandwich board design that could be used at club events. A 22 X 28 poster frame and graphics would cost $142.99. The advantage would be ease in setting up where the banner cannot be used. Tim made a motion to purchase 1 set Patrick seconded, vote carried. Wendy to share design choices at next meeting.
-Additional items of interest.
Many new members have asked for Jerseys in sizes the club no longer has. Further discussion to follow in deciding an amount to order. Kathy presented an idea of club up-scale t-shirts for everyday wear. This would be polyester Sport-Tek shirts that would be sold at reasonable prices to members.
-Chilly Challenge. Greg Perrigo has an interest in helping to promote the event. Greg has been a regular rider in the event. Greg feels that the public needs more awareness of the event and wants to help promote the clubs mission to cycling, as well as the Mayor and City of Fort Wayne’s mission of a healthier more active life style through events such as the clubs ride.
Patrick will ask Greg to attend the November meeting to present ideas to the membership.
Wendy reminded the club that a director is needed for the Chilly Challenge.
-Meeting adjourned 8:55 pm.

Prepared by Secretary Tim Claypool
Latest News / throwback thursday on the forum
« Last post by mheyes on October 16, 2014, 11:45:47 AM »
Throwback Thursday. Back in 2005 or so, Earnie Williamson road from coast to coast and documented the trip for us. The first page is the itinerary, click on the Roadside Reports link at the top for each week's reports. The pages are exactly as they appeared in 2005. Enjoy!
Latest News / registration disabled again
« Last post by mheyes on October 01, 2014, 03:18:17 PM »
i just deleted over 75 spam forum registrations and cleaned out most of their posts. registrations are disabled. if you want to register, send the webmaster an email at
For Sale / Re: Garmin 200 For Sale
« Last post by mamen21 on September 30, 2014, 09:21:37 PM »
I am interested.
Is it still available?

For Sale / Re: Club Cycling Apparel
« Last post by Bikemom on September 30, 2014, 12:58:06 PM »
Thank you for your interest. I do have some jerseys. Email me at
For Sale / Re: Garmin 200 For Sale
« Last post by helmetcity on September 30, 2014, 07:05:25 AM »
seems a nice bargain, still alive?
For Sale / Re: Club Cycling Apparel
« Last post by teeturtle on September 30, 2014, 07:00:31 AM »
is this offer still alive?
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