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Latest News / August 2014 club meeting minutes
« Last post by Patrick on August 19, 2014, 01:12:39 PM »
Club Meeting Minutes for August 7, 2014
*Officers present
Patrick Stelte President
Hugh Smith Treasurer
Steve Pequignot Touring
Phil Snider Off-Road
Jane Lewandowski Membership
Tim Claypool Secretary
Officers absent
Kathy Boling Newsletter
Mike Heyes Webmaster
Jerry Withham racing
Wendy Vieyra

Patrick, Meeting called to order and welcome to guest and members.

-July meeting minutes by Patrick. Motion to approve minutes, second by Steve.
Vote by members present carried.

-Treasurer report by Hugh. Presented the debits and deposits for the month of July. Hugh reports insurance premium due August 29th. Cost will remain near same. Changes include removal coverage of for Franke Park trails and drop of May Madness tour. Festival tour totals to follow once all expenses and income are collected.  Hugh will reserve Roanoke pavilion for 3RVS Jersey Ride on Saturday, October 4th.  August 18th update:  Insurance premium paid.

-Touring report by Steve. September touring start time will be 9:00 am for the Labor Day Hicksville Century Tour. Then touring time will change an hour later starting at 10:00 for the remainder of the month. Teams have started training for the Huntington Challenge. Training days and times to be decided at each session by attendees. 3RVS hopes to have 3 teams, 2 men’s and 1 women’s. Huntington challenge and tour is scheduled for September 20th. The challenge has made changes to address some safety issues and concerns expressed at the 3RVS January meeting. This year H.C. will provide the insurance for the event, with 3RVS offering a sponsor donation. Steve made a motion for the club to sponsor 2 teams to cover entry fees and expenses. Discussion followed including dividing club sponsorship to all teams in the challenge. Phil asked for an amendment that sponsorship be provided to all 3 teams in the event. Patrick made a motion to accept Phil’s amendment, motion carried.
Steve and Phil discussed the club Labor Day Century Tour ride September 1st at 9am.  Phil asked to start all riders from Hicksville rather than 2 start locations. Ideas and support was expressed from group present. Patrick made a motion to start the ride from Hicksville at the Farmers and Merchants Bank building, motion carried.  Steve will make a 3 loop alternative route map.

 -Off road report by Phil. The off roaders are providing help with trail maintenance at Franke Park.  Phil would like to have a family/teen Off Road day to assist beginning riders on proper trail use.
Patrick reported on July 18th 2014 the Fort Wayne Parks Department dedicated the trail in Franke Park as the PHIL SNIDER TRAILHEAD.  3RVS and NITRO provided refreshments for the event as appreciation to Phil for his dedication to the trail system as well as honor him for his continued support of the club.

-Membership report by Jane. 67 family and 149 single for total of 283 members.

-No reports from other officers.

-Additional items of interest. 3RVS Festival Tour wrap up by Louis and Mike Senk. 145 Riders for the tour, down due to cool damp weather. 30 volunteers helped with the event, Louis and Mike expressed their appreciation for the help. The leftover food was sold to the sponsors of the Tandem Rally.  Final revenue and expenditures will be tabulated for September club meeting.

-Tandem Rally will be Labor Day weekend. 300 teams are signed up with an additional 50 expected to sign up the day of the event. Routes and schedule were shared.

-Good of the order. Chilly Challenge needs a director for the 2015 New Year’s Day tour. Full easy instructions will be included. Volunteers are encouraged to contact Tim at with any questions.   Northside Park pavilion has been reserved for event.

Meeting Adjourned 8:50 pm.

Minutes by Secretary Tim Claypool
Touring / Tuesday/Thursday Carroll Rides
« Last post by HughDog on August 04, 2014, 08:50:12 PM »
Because of a general lack of interest from new riders and the fact that the regular attendees for the Tuesday and Thursday night rides are near top form by now, the Tuesday and Thursday night Carroll High School rides through August and September will be used as training rides for anyone looking to participate in the Huntington Challenge in late September.  The pace of both rides will be from the low to mid 20s mph depending on who shows, and both rides will include work on close riding in a paceline.  Anyone is still welcome to attend the rides, but be prepared for a very hard pace. 
Latest News / August 2014 club meeting agenda
« Last post by Patrick on August 04, 2014, 10:38:43 AM »
Thursday, August 7th @ 7:30pm, 3RVS will hold its monthly meeting at the downtown library,meeting room B on the first floor.  All are welcome.

1.  Call to Order

2.  Officer Reports:   

   Secretary - Tim Claypool
   Treasurer - Hugh Smith
   Touring  - Steve Pequignot
   Off-Road  - Phil Snider
   Newsletter - Kathy Boling
   Membership - Jane Lewandowski
          Publicity - Wendy Vieyra
   Racing  - Jerry Witham
   Webmaster - Mike Heyes

4.  Additional Items of Interest
     - 3RVS Festival Tour Wrap Up

5.  Good of the Order

6.  Adjournment
Touring / Chip N' Seal update 7/29/2014 - Winchester Road
« Last post by Patrick on July 29, 2014, 09:24:01 PM »
Winchester Road has been freshly chip n' sealed. Looking at the County's highway department road work list for 2014, the chip n' seal starts at Ferguson Road and extends to South County Line Road, a total of 6.75 miles.

Here is the website for the County's 2014 road work:
Latest News / Re: Forum to be removed?
« Last post by mheyes on July 21, 2014, 12:17:53 PM »
I spoke with David Park.  He said he couldn't get logged in, but he also uses the forum to keep up with news.  He is off the grid and doesn't access Facebook or other media.

I haven't heard from David Park, but you need to register to login to the Forum. You just click on the "register" link at the top left of the page and then complete the registration process. We don't sell your data cor compromise your privacy like Facebook.

If he has any problems with the process, let me know at webmaster at
Latest News / Re: Forum to be removed?
« Last post by the_bad_fish_2 on July 20, 2014, 07:26:50 PM »
Since the Facebook group was changed from an open group to a closed group, those without Facebook cannot see posts so this makes the forum more important than ever.
Latest News / Re: Forum to be removed?
« Last post by HughDog on July 18, 2014, 04:17:58 PM »
I spoke with David Park.  He said he couldn't get logged in, but he also uses the forum to keep up with news.  He is off the grid and doesn't access Facebook or other media.
Latest News / Re: Forum to be removed?
« Last post by HughDog on July 16, 2014, 07:26:11 AM »
I am not on Facebook or Strava, so this is about the only place that I can get news or post the status of my weekday rides.  I would like it to continue if possible.
Latest News / Forum to be removed?
« Last post by mheyes on July 15, 2014, 12:52:09 PM »
Anyone want it to continue to be available?
Latest News / July 2014 club meeting minutes
« Last post by Patrick on July 11, 2014, 05:16:41 PM »
Club Meeting Minutes for July 3,, 2014
*Officers present
Patrick Stelte, President
Hugh Smith, Treasurer
Steve Pequignot, Touring
Phil Snider, Off-Road
Kathy Boling, Newsletter
Jane Lewandowsk,i Membership
Wendy Vieyra, Publicity
Officers absent
Jerry Withham racing
Tim Claypool, Secretary
Mike Heyes, Webmaster

Meeting called to order and welcome to guest and members.

President’s Report – Team No Limit Racing requested to hang fliers at the Festival Tour to promote the charity tour “Bike to Build” on August 9th.  The charity donations benefit the building of an orphanage in Haiti for orphans that have lost both parents.  Club members approved the fliers with the stipulation that no more than 2 at registration and 2 at the SAG and No Limit Racing must remove the fliers by the end of the day.

Finance Report – Activity highlights included revenues of 3RVS jersey sales:  $240; $140 in memberships; $129 for Festival Tour and expenditures:  $34 insurance premium.  Currently, 3RVS jersey balance holds (-) $1,543 and the Franke Park Trail Fund is $942.72.  Insurance update:  Questionnaire filled out and sent back to insurance company for 2015 premium.  Confirmation received.  Application for medical coverage sent to club.  7/10/2014 update:  Application has been filled out and sent with premium check.

Touring Report – July and August weekend touring rides will start at 9am.  Steve has offered to map “Bike to Build” route for charity tour on August 9th.  After deliberation, the club decided to add verbiage connecting 3RVS with the map.  On the map Steve will add, “Map creation courtesy of Three Rivers Velo Sport, Northeast Indiana’s premiere cycling club since 1969”.
- Jim Reilly and Rick Bokern will be ride leaders for absent Steve Pequignot on July 12th tour.  They will ride the Festival Tour route as a pre-tour check for any last minute details.
- Huntington Challenge update:  The committee has not met in person, but board members have been in contact with each other.  Changes have been proposed to finish line, challenge format, and timing riders.  A suggestion has been put forth to change the format to a team time trial with chip timing; however, this will be determined at a later date.  The Challenge is set for Saturday, September 20th.  Steve also confirmed that the Huntington Challenge committee has received our offer of $500 sponsorship in lieu of insurance coverage.  3RVS is planning on participating in the Challenge and Steve will be taking applications for riders that are interested in “trying out” for a place on a team(s).  Steve will have further details in the August Quick Release newsletter and on 3RVS’ Facebook page.

Off-Road Report – Change in Franke Park Trials responsibility has interrupted the 3RVS work schedule, which has been suspended.  Phil has met with NITRO to partner with maintenance of the trails; however, NITRO has yet to have a formal agreement with the Parks Department.  Club members at the meeting felt 3RVS should wait until NITRO and Parks have a formal agreement before offering help or a partnership.  In the meantime, the trails have fallen into neglect with the summer growing season.  Also, a recent storm fell large branches across a section, blocking a portion of the trail.  Phil, on his own, sprayed for Poison Ivy and cleared some over-growth.

Newsletter Report – Kathy thanked Steve and Patrick for their continuing contributions.  She noted that the newsletter doesn’t always go out on an exact time due to her work schedule and the hours needed to put the monthly online newsletter together.  She thanks all club members for their patience. 

Membership – Jane reported 277 members as of July 3rd, 132 family members and 145 individual members.  Jane also requests that members please write their e-mail address on the membership application in a legible manner.  Electronic connection with members is vital to communication within the club.

Racing Report – Club member Gary Painter set the national record for 40k time trial in the Masters category at a California race.  Gary is the current, two-time, Masters Time Trial champion and is in training to defend his title later this summer.  The July Tuesday night race schedule is on the club website.

Website Report – Mike e-mailed that he has updated the website with current information.

Tour Festival Update – Jo and Mike Senk will be in charge of the SAG stop.  Jim Reilly is in charge of the moving SAGs.  Kathy Boling has ordered the t-shirts.  25 volunteers have committed, but Luis says there is always a need for more help.  As of July 3rd, 54 have pre-registered.  There will be no coupons or SWAG at registration.

Camping Tour Update – Jim Reilly is in need of 1 or 2 additional ride leaders (pace options).  Amy Copeland, Jim and Bill Lambert are the current ride leaders.  The waiver will be updated and ready for signing before the start of the tour.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55pm
Minutes prepared by Patrick Stelte, President
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