Author Topic: Kreager Ride Info for 5/29  (Read 725 times)


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Kreager Ride Info for 5/29
« on: May 28, 2012, 11:23:02 PM »
The Weather Channel forecast for Tuesday is currently:  "sunny and a high of 85", with sunset around 9:05 PM.   Winds are predicted for 12-13 mph.     

If you are new the group ride, to find us, go in the main entrance from North River Road.  The road will veer slightly to the left, but then take the first right and we all normally park along those spots on the right.

Ride takes off at 6, and the group will decide which route they all want to take.   Posted speed of the ride is 10 to 14 mph.   Chuck will be our "fearless leader" for this week. 

For your planning purposes:

1) After the 6/5 Ride (which is NEXT Tuesday), Anne Ellis has offered to teach a quick "how to change a flat" lesson when we get back from the ride.  She will be bringing handouts to the ride, as well as do an actual "Hands On" demonstration.    We have many newer riders on our ride, and Anne thought this might be a good thing to do to make sure all our riders are informed and prepared.   Thanks Anne for taking a lead on this!

2) Mike and I are thinking that the first  "Kreager Breakfast Ride" should be on Saturday 6/16.  I don't think this date conflicts with any club Welcome Ride, or Bees Ride, as well as any area rides.  We were also thinking it should happen before it starts getting too hot - although based on this last week, might be too late already!   Haven't finalized a route yet - but stay tuned for more info.