2021 Chilly Challenge Bicycle Tour

January 1st 2021  - Individual Ride/Virtual

Sponsored by The Fort  Wayne Parks and Recreation Department

Start location: Wherever you would like



This year's ride will be like no other "Chilly" has been. It's going to be a "Go & Show" ride. There will be no mass start nor chili and tasty treats after the ride. Rather, you will choose your own spot to start from and then do your own ride. You can do a road ride, a bike trail ride, gravel ride, or even a mountain bike ride. What's important is that you get out on your bike like you have done all the previous Jan 1st's, and then have fun! The distance is up to you too.

 What we hope is that you will post a selfie, including the bike and friends, list the distance and your starting point on the Chilly Challenge Facebook page only. Tag yourself and friends and post the picture between 10A-7P on the day of the ride. Each participant that tags themselves, will be emailed a participation coupon. Plus we will hope to have a few drawings for gifts from some generous donors. The winners of the drawings will be announced on January 2nd.  Stay tuned for more information.

It's the first miles of the year. Whether they are a ride around the neighborhood, using a new section of the trail you haven't ridden yet, or a tried and true route, have fun! 

Facebook Event 


Please contact Mona Will if you have any questions by email at 2021ChillyChallenge@3rvs.com.