3RVS CARES - CIBA Foundation

Written by Mona Will - September 2018

Three Rivers Velo Sport Cyclists Advocating RESponsibility-it’s a mouthful to say but even more so, it’s quite an undertaking. Responsibility for what? For better passing laws on the road? For safer riding? For taking care of your fellow cyclists? For what?


Back on a gray cold Saturday afternoon, in late winter/early spring, Robin Mitchell and I decided to drive down to Crawfordsville for the CIBA bike swap. We arrived at the fairgrounds site, found the building the bike swap was in, parked the car, and excitedly walked in. Whatever I thought I had made this trip for, I didn’t see as I scanned the room.

I was disappointed and underwhelmed and was making my way towards the exit when I stopped at a table for who knows for what reason. A friendly woman greeted me and we started talking about bike stuff of course. There was literature on the table from CIBA (Central Indiana Bicycling Association) and their upcoming 2018 events. I recognized the acronym CIBA because of the Hilly Hundred and the Indy NITE Ride. What I didn’t know was that CIBA has a foundation. After a few moments of talking with Dolly, I realized I came to this swap meet not to spend $50.00 on bike parts or jerseys but instead to hear what she was telling me about this foundation.

CIBA foundation promotes the benefits of safe cycling; that’s their mission. They support efforts that improve safety for bicyclists, educate and promote the health, recreational, economic, social, cultural and other benefits arising from the use of bikes and to advance bicycling-related efforts and activities.

Grants are generally between $500.00 to $5,000.00. In 2017 the total amount of grants disbursed was $39,120.00! Twenty- four different organizations, from trail systems to youth bicycle helmets, locks and lights were granted financial support from the foundation. The Hilly Hundred ride generates money for the foundation as well as the NITE ride. The largest contributions come from their annual fundraiser, individuals, and corporations.

Just this week, the S&P 500 marked the longest bull run on record. This ”run” has added trillions of dollars to household wealth. I believe in spreading wealth around and would encourage each of you to consider sending a contribution to the CIBA Foundation. Imagine that the $50 or $500.00 you contribute will be part of grant money that will go to 24 or more well deserving organizations promoting cycling and cycling safety each year.





Three Rivers Velo Sport CARES.
Go to www.cibafoundation.org for more interesting information and how you can contribute.