3RVS CARES - Thank you

Written by Mona Will - May 2019

A very important piece of legislation for bicycle safety was passed in March and is now in on the desk of Governor Holcomb to be signed. This bill, HB1236 (aka 3 feet passing bill) is the result of many other previous versions that had been submitted and then sidelined for one reason or the other. Thanks to the many voices and emails of support from concerned cyclists, friends, and family to contact our elected legislators to get behind this bill it will soon be law.

 As I have said before I don’t consider myself to be a “political” person but this in particular, had me fired up and in turn I asked for you too to get fired up and involved and you did! Thanks to everyone that clicked the link, picked up the phone, or even penned a letter to those that need to hear our voices.

Speaking of votes, thank you to all the Bicycle Indiana license plate owners and those that are members of Bicycle Indiana, for your vote that resulted in me being elected to the board of Bicycle Indiana. My objective is to be a voice of the collective cyclists, bike shops, and bicycle clubs in northern Indiana. When we combine our resources and voices we are a force to be reckoned with. Indy and Bloomington have nothing over the pride and enthusiasm of northern Indiana. We need to be sure we are supporting Bicycle Indiana as an organization and that they are supporting us.

This is where I need your help. 3RVS Cyclists Advocating for RESponsible cycling is all of us that have eyes and ears to everything bike. When you hear about a bike related event, have an idea of what could be done to make cycling safer on the roads or on the trails, or when you want to be part of something larger than being a member of the club, reach out to me. I want to connect ideas and people so that we have a very healthy cycling community not only here in Ft Wayne but in our surrounding communities for generations to come.

By the time you read this, I will have attended my first Bicycle Indiana Annual meeting and party. It’s being held at a meadery in Indy. Can’t wait to meet up with other members, sample some mead, and be recognized as the woman from Fort Wayne that has big plans for northern Indiana. I’m certain I will have some interesting bits of information to share with everyone.