Earnie's Adventures Down Under 

written by Earnie Williamson, circa 2000

After my Cross-country trip last year, I wanted to try to maintain fitness over the winter. I figured that I would find multiple excuses for not riding the wind trainer, so I looked for a trip in the first part of the year where it was warm. I initially signed up with the tour company that did the Cross-country trip. Because of Y2K complications, they canceled theirs, but were kind enough to recommend a New Zealand based company, PEDALTOURS.

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Group Riding Tips - Part 3

Written by Patrick Stelte

Pace vs. Average Speed - Often, group rides are advertised as average speed or pace.  At first glance, you would think that the two are the same.  This is false. Average speed is the end result of a ride.  “We averaged 17.2 mph for 40 miles”.  During those 40 miles, the group could not ride 17.2 mph continuously.  

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Written by Karen Walker

Who would have thought that a museum in the little town of New Bremen, Ohio, would have over 200 bicycles, including bicycles dating back to the early 1800's.

On Saturday, August 21, 1999, a group of about ten 3RVS members met in Neptune, Ohio, and rode about 20 miles to New Bremen to tour the Bicycle Museum of America. The drive to Neptune was easy and took less than an hour. Neptune is on U.S. 33, southeast of Decatur.


Germanfest with our Germans

Written by Karen Walker
In 1996, he Three Rivers Velo Sport club had the pleasure to sponsor a group of bicycle riders from our sister city of Gera, Germany during their visit this year. They brought their bikes and took part in many of our club rides, visited the Tour de Loops, and raced in the Germanfest bicycle criterium. Our club's publicist, Karen Walker, has written down some of her memories of their visit.

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Group Riding Tips - Communication

Written by Patrcik Stelte
I have often heard that getting cyclists to ride in groups is like herding cats.  We like to go our own way.  However, that is counter-productive and dangerous in a group.  Communication is essential for a safe, enjoyable and efficient ride.

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Group Riding Tips

Written by Patrick Stelte

Echelon - The simple definition of this French word is a line of riders seeking maximum drafting in a crosswind, resulting in a diagonal line across the road.  Wind is all important when out riding in the open countryside.  Riding into a good head-wind or cross-wind can be very taxing.  Cyclists typically look for wind-breaks in the form of trees, buildings or tall corn fields to cut the resistance.  Whatever the landscape, it is only temporary.  The best wind-break is riding with another cyclist.  

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from the 2003 3RVS archives

The 11 Foot Chain Guy:  Favorite Rest Stops

by Wendell Brane - Wbrane

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Christmas Lights Ride - Loop 1

Written by Michael Heyes
I haven't ridden the Christmas Lights Ride in a while, and didn't have any plans to do so this year, until Mona Will started talking up the ride on our Facebook page. So I made a last minute executive decision to ride.

Overcoming the 3 W's

Written by Amy Copeland

Although last year was really my first year cycling and riding with 3 Rivers Velo Sport, I consider last year practice and this year my first real riding year since I didn't start riding until mid year and spent December until this April recovering from a non-cycling injury.  It has been a year of overcoming fears and conquering many goals.  From the start I have considered the 3 W's my enemy on the bike- wind, water, and winter cold.  I keep telling myself,  "one at a time".  

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What is that crazy SLOWER group all about?

Written 4 Nov2014 by Mona Will

It all started around a similar time and under similar circumstances. Two women, on separate occasions, who knew nothing about the other, nor showed up on the same ride at the same time, would  show up for a group ride and end up feeling demoralized  because either she couldn’t keep up with the group, or no one else her speed (slow, quite slow in fact) showed up. She would pack up her bike and go back home and wonder if she should or shouldn’t try another ride. 

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The Taming of the Road

Written Oct 2014 by Deborah Peterson Watts

I started riding with two girlfriends back in 2002 on my Raleigh comfort bike, just to get out of the house and lose weight. That bike was so heavy it took two people to load it into the back of the truck, it had seven gears and white wall tires it looked so retro that Leo High School used it for a prop in their play, “The Taming of the Shrew”. I was determined to get into shape and rode that heavy bike 800 miles that first year and dropped 40lbs! It felt so good to be in better shape.

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