Riding My First Hilly Hundred

Written by Mona Will

Hilly Hundred-oh the stories that are told by cyclists who have experienced the hills of this infamous weekend ride. Though I knew of the ride, I didn’t really know all the subtleties until I experienced it for the first time a week ago.

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2013 Annual Labor Day Century Tour

Written by Steve Pequinot

We had 17 riders that started at Huntertown, including 4 women. For the ladies, it was their first century tour and they were determined to complete the full 100 miles. Our first 25-mile leg was to Woodburn. Several of the ladies decided they felt good and did a few long pulls. I must admit, I had concern for them surviving for 100 miles as they seemed to be working a little too hard too early. At the first stop, several of the ladies discussed their conditioning and all decided they would take the split ahead for the full century. The pace picked up with the aid of a nice tailwind on the second leg to Cecil. We all enjoyed the wonderful SAG provisions setup by Phil Snider and his family at the Cecil Park.

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Pokagon Camping Tour- August 24 & 25th, 2013

Written by Bill Lambert

The very best thing about riding on the weekend club tours is the opportunity to talk with other riders. During a club touring ride last fall, Jim Reilly told me about his desire to ride and camp. This spring he did a week long, unsupported tour from Washington, D.C. to Pittsurgh, PA.

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Leader of the Pack

Written by Steve Souers
So you show up at a club ride and want to be the Leader of the Pack. Well first thing is to think about your priorities for the ride that day. First ought to be safety, then making sure you actually ride as a group and finally getting everyone home. If these are not your priorities maybe you are not the leader.

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Riding Into The Clouds

Written by Joe 

Short Story for ADD folks:  
I went to SC to ride a bicycle up a big mountain in NC.  The End.  
Details below.

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Bicycle Tour of Colorado

Written by Cindy Wolfer

My first experience with a weeklong bicycle tour was filled with excitement and wonder. Wonder that I was able to just survive and complete a 500+ mile tour that included over 30,000 feet of climbing through the beautiful Colorado Rockies. The fifteenth anniversary of the Tour of Colorado began and ended in Glenwood Springs, and was difficult, even by veteran tourist standards.

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My Hilly Story - The Ups and Downs

Written by Lynetter Mankey

First year rider and first year Hilly Hundred---all the ingredients that make up what I call myself…a rookie! My daughter says that I’m obsessed with my cycling. Whether it is going to spin class at the Y, or riding out on the road, I have found a sense of freedom when I’m one with the road and the outdoors.

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Biking on the Historic C & O Canal

Written by Kim and Lynn Reed
My wife and I recently had the opportunity to do a multi-day ride on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Towpath. The path starts in Cumberland, MD goes all the way to Washington, DC.  We found the path to be a quite enjoyable 184 miles of well-maintained, pancake-flat, packed gravel dual-track.

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Great Greenway Tour 2008

Written by Michael Heyes
About this time of the year I’m getting a bit tired of the riding the same weekend routes I’ve ridden for 28 years, and look for somewhere new to ride. On July 26, 2008, Kathi and I planned on visiting my sister down in Anderson. Muncie’s on the way and that day the Great Greenway Tour was taking place. It sounded like a nice ride, and a chance to ride at relaxed touring speeds. Not wannabe racer speeds, touring speeds of 15 – 17 mph. Upright Jeff, this is the ride you’re looking for!

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My First Race

Written by Squirrel Hunter

So how does racing compare to those weekend touring rides? Memorial Day weekend I raced the 50k Citizens class at The Great Race in Elkhart. The morning starts out with an hour drive giving me plenty of time to waffle back and forth between confidence and apprehension. 

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Paceline Riding - Part 1

Submitted by Corky, found online without attribution

"Pace line" riding consists of two or more riders traveling in a tight group in the draft of the rider(s) in front of you. If you are the leader of this pace line, then you are creating the draft for others.

The draft envelope behind a single bicycle is about six feet long. The closer your front wheel is to the rear wheel of the rider ahead of you, the stronger the draft. Riding in a pace line draft can save 20 to 30% of your energy output. This energy savings is what allows the pace line group to travel at higher speeds.

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