President's Message

Written by Johnny Grabowski - September 2020


I try to regularly remind myself of the mission of Three Rivers Velo Sport: to promote the general interest and enjoyment of bicycling for health, recreation, and economical transportation. We do this through 3RVS programs and by financially supporting select efforts of other organizations in our area.

While 3RVS is a not-for-profit organization run by volunteers, we do have operating expenses (like club insurance, web domain hosting, etc.). To fund those expenses, and to have sufficient additional funds to support other organizations like Trek the Trails, 3RVS relies on two primary sources of income: memberships and proceeds from the annual Festival Tour.

Like most things this year, our beloved bike club has been affected by the pandemic. We started group rides months later than normal, many club members have adjusted their participation in 3RVS activities to manage their own personal risk, and we cancelled the Festival Tour which represented approximately $1,300 of the club’s income last year - income that simply won’t happen this year.

Even with the challenges of 2020, 3RVS membership numbers are solid. If you received this newsletter via email, then you’re a current 3RVS member and I want to sincerely thank you for your support. But considering the burgeoning number of cyclists in the wake of this pan-demic, the growing population of the greater Fort Wayne area, or even the number of cyclists on Fort Wayne Trails or participating in Trek the Trails, I see so much opportunity to make more people aware of what 3RVS has to offer and grow our membership numbers. This would further increase participation in 3RVS activities, add new and additional volunteer resources, and provide more funds for supporting more cycling-related efforts in our area.

What can you do? Mention the club when you’re talking or posting on social media. If you participated in a group ride, include the club’s name in your post or when you re-name the ride on your ride app of choice. Mention the local bike shop discount and the annual awards banquet (which easily more than offset our very affordable club dues). With online and mobile registration available via the Membership tab on the website, becoming a member is easier than ever.

Thanks to the fiscal responsibility of the 3RVS Board of Directors in recent years, we have sufficient funds to support our activities for the foreseeable future. Even so, there’s no reason for 3RVS to be northeast Indiana’s best-kept cycling secret - we really owe it to the cycling community to let them know all the reasons why they should want to be a part of Three Rivers Velo Sport.