President's Message

Written by Johnny Grabowski - July 2020


It’s official - Three Rivers Velo Sport group rides (weeknight rides and weekend tours) will resume the weekend of July 4. The 3RVS Board of Directors unanimously approved this date after a great deal of thoughtful discussion and consideration of feedback from numerous club members. When group rides do resume, they will be accompanied by revised group ride guidelines specifically intended to make those rides as safe and inviting as possible, while making sure that participants are aware of the potential risks involved in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the meantime, as more of us ramp up our cycling activity leading up to 3RVS group rides, take some time to consider some important safety considerations (that don’t have anything to do with a pandemic at all!).

Ride Healthy - The safety of every cyclist in a group is dependent on being able to count on the other cyclists in the group to ride predictably and in accordance with the group. All participants must be alert and capable of performing on a similar level. While it always should have been common sense and common courtesy, it must be said: if you don’t feel well, stay home, and get better! Sharing your cough or cold (or worse) with your cycling buddies is just wrong, and if you aren’t feeling well you’re far more likely to make a mistake that could cause an accident.

Trainer Transitioning - If you are one of the cyclists who have been riding on a trainer or in Zwift virtual group rides over the last several months, recognize how you ride differently on your trainer. Obviously, you’ll have to maintain constant focus and control to keep your own bike upright and headed in the right direction (and to avoid crashing into the other very real cyclists in the group) - but you may need to consciously relax parts of your body that have become accustomed to more rigid positions you may have adopted to increase your power output during Zwift rides.

Know Your Limits - When choosing which pace group to ride with (especially early in the season) consider playing it safe rather than pushing your limits. The longer a cyclist overexerts themselves, the more likely they are to lose focus and make a mistake that could prove dangerous to themselves and/or others.

This season’s newest safety concern (COVID-19) is just one more addition to the long list of safety concerns that have existed for group rides as long as group rides have existed. And while 3RVS will do our best to address pandemic concerns with new group ride guidelines, whether or not to participate in a group ride and accept the associated risks always has, and always will, be the personal decision of each individual cyclist.