Club Constitution Approval

Written by Patrick Stelte - June 2016

Many years ago, Three Rivers Velo Sport officers formed a constitution to guide the club.  These rules govern the actions of the officers and members.  Over time, amendments have been added and the constitution has been tweaked to reflect changes in the way the club operates.  These changes have been approved by the officers.  However, the changes need to be formally approved by the club members to make a permanent alteration to the document.  The process for this procedure is to notify club members via the newsletter that vetting of changes will be debated at the monthly club meeting stipulated in the newsletter release.

After discussion of the document and proposed changes, the attending club members at the meeting will formally vote approval or turn down the changes.  Once that happens, the document will be posted permanently on the club’s website.  This notice is the first step in the process to approval.  To view the constitution and the changes made over the years, click on this link.

The various colored fonts are changes that were made.  At the end of the document is a history index with the color coordinated fonts and the date of the changes.  The officers will discuss the constitution at the July meeting and offer a vote of approval.