3RVS Skills Tour returns for a fifth season 

The 3RVS Skills Tour returns for a fifth season. The opening ride will be Tuesday, May 7, starting at Jefferson Middle School at 6:00 PM. Distance options will be from 24.8 to 45.2 miles, based on weather conditions, daylight and group attendance. At the onset of the season expect a pace of 18/19 MPH. We will be taking it easy for first few rides and focusing on group riders avoiding half-wheeling situations.


ride leader steve pequinotAs the season progresses expect the B pace to increase to an A pace (20 plus MPH) as riders gain conditioning and accustom themselves to group drafting

The Skills Tour is an aerobar friendly ride. We will work with aerobar riders so they know when and when not to use aerobars and/or bars with no brake access. Additionally, this season we will introduce training for recumbent riders so they can learn how to safely ride in group rides with road bike riders.

"A Wing" Awards will be presented to club members who fulfill the requirements to earn the award; those being: each rider must pull at least twice during the ride for at least one minute, must ride at least 24.8 miles with the group, must not get dropped, average speed for the total ride must be 20 MPH or higher.

The Skills Tour no-drop policy: Riders are expected to be able to maintain a minimum pace of 18 MPH in the group. There are occasions when the group pace exceeds 18 MPH. If one or more riders are dropped from the group and the dropped rider(s) are holding an 18 MPH pace when dropped, the lead group will stop at the next stop sign or turn to wait for dropped riders.

The Skills Tour will ride every Tuesday, weather permitting through September 24, 2019. Check the 3RVS Facebook Page the day of the tour for updates. All participants are encouraged to use the Ride 3RVS Life360 App so they can be tracked in the event of a mechanical failure or other situation on the road.

Ride leaders: Steve Pequignot and Scott Tomsits