Festival Tour 2016 Volunteer Signup

We need several volunteers to help with our Three Rivers Festival Tour that will be held on July 10, 2016. You only volunteer for a  two hour shift, so if you want to ride in the tour you can. All volunteers will receive a free ride registration. If you can help out with the club's most important event of the year, please email us by clicking on the Volunteer link below. At the bottom of this page is a list of open and filled slots. Available slots are the yellow-shaded areas.

Please Click to Volunteer!


  • Greet riders as they come to the registration area and take care of their basic needs.
  • Provide route maps and answer any basic questions about the route.
  • Check in riders and hand out T-shirts if they ordered one.
  • Answer any questions about SAG locations and the route.

SAG Worker:

  • Volunteer for a two hour shift.
  • Greet riders as they come into the SAG and take care of their basic nutritional & hydration needs.
  • Encourage riders in their progress.
  • Be at the SAG 15 minutes before your shift. This will give you time to either set up the SAG, or help replenish items before the previous worker leaves.
  • Replenish food and drink items when they get low.
  • Be familiar with the route near your SAG to help answer route questions. DON'T WORRY, a SAG leader will be available to assist with any questions you may have as a volunteer!

Support Vehicle:

  • You will need to drive about 150 to 200 miles.
  • 3RVS will pay for your gas.
  • 3RVS will also supply basic bicycle repair parts (i.e. – tubes, cables, etc.)
  • You will need to supply your own tools and floor pump.

Volunteer Slots 

Volunteer For: 6AM-8AM 8AM-10AM 10AM-12PM 12PM-3PM 2PM-4PM
Registration- Dan Hamlin        
Registration Mona Will        
Registration- Christina Wade        
Registration-   Luis deVeyra      
Registration-   Cheryl Mathews      
Churubusco SAG-   Mike Sienk      
Churubusco SAG-          
Churubusco SAG-     Mike Sienk    
Churubusco SAG-          
Churubusco SAG-       Mike Sienk  
Churubusco SAG-          
Support Vehicle-   Steve Pequinot Luis deVeyra    
Support Vehicle-       Steve Pequinot Steve Pequinot
Support Vehicle-