Special election - Newsletter Editor

Written by Patrick Stelte, August 2016

The position of Newsletter Editor will be posted for election at the 3RVS club meeting on Thursday, September 1st at 7:30pm at the downtown library.

Currently, Mike Heyes, long-time club member and webmaster, has assumed the duties since former newsletter editor Kathy Boling resigned in June. 3RVS publishes Quick Release ten times a year to update and inform club members of the all things related to club activities. The editor is responsible for procuring information for the newsletter. A stable design template was established years ago that includes monthly articles from the club president and touring director. Also, weekly and monthly ride information is provided by the touring director and off-road club officer. Seasonal information is gathered from club officers and other club members with tweaks or added information by the editor.

The editor is also responsible for showing up at the monthly meetings and engaging in the dialogue set forth, offering opinions and voting on agenda items. Anyone who is interested and wanting more information can contract club president, Patrick Stelte at: president@3rvs.com. The nomination and election process will be held at the beginning of the meeting and interested parties must be present to be elected. The elected position will run through the end of the year. Per club rules, all club officers are elected in January to one year terms.