Amendment to the Club Constitution

At the August club meeting, touring director Steve Pequignot offered an amendment to the club constitution in regards to office election nominations. His amendment is to limit the number of nominations one club member can make for any particular office. The premise of his argument for the amendment is to protect the integrity of the nominating process. Currently, as the constitution reads, a club member could nominate an infinite number of club members for an office. This manipulation of a common sense understanding could lead to the entire membership nominated for one office, thus slowing down the process and making a mockery of our rules.

Steve’s amendment limits one club member to nominate another member per office. There are nine club officers, so a club member could nominate nine other members, one per office; however, not more than one per office. Any number of club members can be nominated to an office; however, multiple members must do the nominating.

The amendment language, highlighted in RED, can be viewed at this link.

The final vote for this amendment to the constitution will be held at the October club meeting, Thursday October 6,  at 7:30pm at the downtown public library, meeting room B. Comments and discussion will proceed the final vote.

Hicksville Hundred Bicycle Tour

Come visit the beautiful community of Hicksville Ohio. The tour begins and ends a Community Memorial Hospital, just north of Ohio State Road 2 (High Street). Registration begins at 7:00 am and ends at 10:00 am. Riders may start after registration or wait for an escorted mass start at 8:00 am.

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3RVS August Events

Written by Patrick Stelte August 2016

For many years, the 3RVS Century Tour has happened on Labor Day weekend. Phil Snider put on a great event that featured a looped course out of Cecil, Ohio. Late last year, club officer Tim Claypool brought a proposal to the club’s monthly meeting agenda.

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Special election - Newsletter Editor

Written by Patrick Stelte, August 2016

The position of Newsletter Editor will be posted for election at the 3RVS club meeting on Thursday, September 1st at 7:30pm at the downtown library.

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