Come ride with us!

You don't have to be a member to join our rides. But we hope that once you've ridden with us that you will see how much fun it is and will want to become a member and help us to support cycling in northeast Indiana. Visiting cyclists are always welcome.

Monday Morning Meandering and Musings - Done for 2020, See you in the Spring of 2021

Depart time: 10:00 AM.
Start Location: varies - check MMM ride schedule on Calendar
Distance in miles: 8 - 12 miles
Ride Leader: Mona Will and Angie Quin
Pace: leisurely, E pace
Route Description: varies between city streets, city trails and the occasional over a grassy tuft or bumpy stretch to get to where we want to go.
Ride Description: This ride is designed for women and girls that are fairly new to riding or if it's just been a long time since they've ridden. Rides are slow paced and no one will be dropped. This is an opportunity to meet other women and girls, enjoy a mid-ride refreshment, and put in a few miles each week.
Note: This is a women-only event.


Monday Recovery Ride/Tour De Manure 



Monday Covington Ride - Last Ride of 2020 is October 5 

Depart Time: 5:45 PM - New Time Starting 09/21
Location: Covington Elementary
Distance: 20-25 miles depending on group and sunset
Ride Leader:Mark Frazier and Jim White
Pace: 16-17 mph
Route: Southwest Allen County into Southeast Whitley County. Gently rolling Course with a couple of larger rollers.


Monday Franke MTB Ride - Over for the season

Depart Time: 6:30 PM
Location: Franke Park MTB/BMX Trailhead
Ride Leader:Randy Rozewicz



Tuesday Kreager Tour -Ride is done for 2020


Depart Time:  5:00 pm start for October  
Location: Kreager Park, 6400 North River Road, east of Maplecrest Road. Meet at the main parking lot, on the west side, near the tennis courts.
Distance: 25/30 miles
Ride leader: Deb Watts,Tom Yoder, Sue Zuber
Pace: 13/15 MPH.
Route:  This tour is designed for leisure, enjoying the scenery and a little exercise. Early season tours will ride in the direction of Woodburn.


Tuesday Skills Tour - Official 2020 ride is over, check on Facebook for postseason rides

Depart Time:  6:00 PM.
Location: Jefferson Middle School, 5303 Wheelock Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46835.
Distance: 25/42 miles based on the group and sunset time.
Ride Leader: Shane Powell & Rick Bokern
Pace: 18/20 MPH at the beginning of the season, pace usually increases during season as riders improve their training and skill level.
Route:  Heads east on County Road 424 to Woodburn and Antwerp, on near perfect, flat, low traveled roads. This group focuses on group riding and drafting skills. As the season progresses riders will try to earn their A Group Wings by staying with a 20-MPH pace group using the group skills they learned during these rides. Riders will learn various drafting techniques, how to rise from the saddle in a group, and how to ride safely with a group. This ride permits the careful use of aerobars in the pack and recumbents at the front and back of the pack.


Tuesday Short & Sweet Ride - Ride is done for 2020

Depart time: 6:30 PM
Start Location: Sweetwater, 5501 US Highway 30 W, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Park in front customer lot, halfway down, near Service Department entrance (Door 4) which is below the Sweetwater sign.
Distance: 20 miles
Ride Leader: Johnny Grabowski
Pace: 16/18 MPH
Route: Southwest loop from Sweetwater toward Arcola and back. The Course is available on as "Short & Sweet 20"
Ride Description: This ride combines a slightly later 6:30 start time and a set 20-mile route to give participants a later and shorter weeknight ride option. The group will ride together and adjust pace accordingly with the goal of leaving no rider behind. Sweetwater amenities (i.e. public restrooms, water fountains, food and drink available for purchase, air conditioning) accessible via the Service Department entrance (Door 4). As is customary with most 3RVS rides, cancellations will be posted via the 3 Rivers Velo Sport Facebook Group page no later than 2 hours before the designated start time.



Wednesday Saturn Ride - Ride is done for 2020



Depart Time:  6:00 PM.
Location: Saturn Church, 6731 East 800 South (in Whitley County, about 1 mile West of Aboite Center and County Line Road)
Distance: 25/27 miles
Ride Leader: Patrick Stelte
Pace: 20+ MPH.  There may also be a second group that rides at a slower pace that generally stays together for the entire ride.
Route: The routes go to either Roanoke or Columbia City and will be the same as last year. The group decides on which route to take the night of the ride.

Saturn - Columbia City map

Saturn - Roanoke map


Wednesday Rogue Ride - Last Official 2020 is 9/30/2020

Depart: 6:15 PM.
Location: First 2 Wednesdays of month, start at Arcola; rest of the month start at Tillman. 
Distance: varies
Ride Leader: Jay Farlow with assistance of Luis DeVeyra, Brian Meyer and Mark Frazier
Pace: 16/17 MPH.



Thursday Girls Ride Out - Ride is done for 2020

Depart Time: 6:00 PM.
Location: Roanoke Park, corner of Seminary & 8th Street, Roanoke, Indiana.
Distance: 20/25 miles.
Ride Leaders: Brenda Wiley and Sara Landrum
Pace: 14/15 MPH.
Route: Will change weekly.
Note: This is a women-only event.




First Friday of each month: The City Tour CANCELLED THROUGH AT LEAST FEBRUARY 2021

Depart Time:  6:30 PM.
Location: Lawton Park, east end of parking lot near trailhead kiosk.
Distance: 8/10 miles.
Ride Leaders: Amy Copeland and Jennifer Altherr
Pace: 10 - 12 MPH.
Ride first Friday of every month, including winter.
Route: Downtown paved city streets and trails. The tour concludes with a post-ride social review at an indoor location.