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Latest News / 3RVS Facebook
« on: December 23, 2014, 05:14:13 PM »
I have seen references to a “3RVS Facebook Page” on our web site.  I am not familiar with how Facebook works and thought I might be missing out on club news by not viewing the club’s Facebook content.

Could someone please tell me:
  1. Must I create a Facebook account to access the 3RVS Facebook Page?
  2. What is the link to it?.


Latest News / Bike Book
« on: March 20, 2013, 02:59:13 PM »
Suggested read while on the trainer:
British cyclist David Millar’s memoir “Racing Through the Dark” is an account of professional cycling racing at the highest level. He has competed in five Tour de France races. In 2007 he helped create the US based racing team Slipstream; now called Garman.

The book starts with his experiences as a amateur mountain bicycle racer in Hong Kong and then as a amateur road racer in England. In 1998 he was signed as a 19 year old pro on the French Cofidis Team.   All aspects of professional racing are described, i.e. physical conditioning, racing teams, financing, doping, etc. However, the main theme of the book is about the effects of doping on his career and on the profession of international bicycle racing.

He entered professional racing naively unaware of its rampant doping culture and rode “clean”. Then the reality of competing against dopers became apparent and he gave in and used EPO a banned blood enhancing drug. He was arrested in 2004 for doping and suspended from cycling for 2 years. After the suspension he describes his comeback to racing. In the 2012 Tour de France he raced for Garman, won stage 12 and finished 66th overall.

I am not a literary critic; but for what it is worth, I found the book candid, concise and recommend it to both roadies and racers. The book is available at the ACPL titled “Racing Through the Dark, a Memoir” call number 796.62092 M61R. An overview of his life and career can be found at

Gene Dixon, the lone rider

Touring / Chilly Challenge Trivia
« on: December 16, 2012, 04:20:45 PM »
January 1st 2013 will be the 18th annual Chilly Challenge. The 1996 inaugural Chilly Challenge started at Franke Park. The ride was a Phil Snider designed route (~20 miles)  to 12 city parks including a stop at Johnny Appleseed Park to watch the Polar Bear swim . At the end of the ride chili and hot drinks were served from the back of Stan Whitterns station wagon. The temperature was 34 degrees and there were 60 riders.

The 1997 Chilly Challenge moved the after ride snack to in the Franke park pavilion. There were 90 riders. Mountain bikers Steve Sours, Joe Bartels and Dave Borkenstein took a dip in the river along with the polar bears. Some recall that bikes went into the St. Joe with them.  TV  channels 21 and 15 began covering the ride for local news casts.

The 1999 Chilly Challenge moved the start to the present location at the Psi Ote Barn North Side Park. We had so many crock pots of chili that we blew the fuses in the Psi Ote Barn. That year the temperature was 18 degrees with sleet. There were 100 riders

The 2010 Chilly Challenge may have had the worst weather. It was 16 degrees with snow and sleet at start time. 92 riders started and 10 were able to “go all the way”. (1999 and 2001 had similar mean temperatures of ~16 degrees)

The 2011 Chilly Challenge set an attendance record of 254 riders. The temperature at start was 51 degrees.

Prior to creation of the Chilly Challenge Ft. Wayne riders had to travel to the Polar Bear Run at Kokomo for a New Years Day group ride. The announcement in the December 1995 Velo newsletter states “The Chilly Challenge will start from Franke Park and has been planned for those who would rather freeze their buns locally rather than going to the Polar Bear Run at Kokomo. Exact time will be determined and announced on Velo voicemailbox (telephone).”

A big thanks goes to all those who have volunteered to make this such a great tradition. Special thanks to Phil Snider who has planned the routes and been the starter for all 17 rides. Also thanks to Susan Hunt for may years of being the after ride food planner and host.

Anyone care to share Chilly stories with the forum ? Who else has ridden in all 17 Challenges?

Touring / Re: Black Bird Alert!
« on: June 28, 2012, 11:47:22 PM »
Red Winged Blackbirds and Red neck pickup truck drivers have one thing in common; they are unclear on the concept of “share the road”. --- Gene

Touring / Black Bird Alert!
« on: June 25, 2012, 01:16:28 PM »
I expect dogs to attack when I am bike ridding; but now its birds. Red winged blackbirds have swooped on me on the county roads. Most recently it was on Wallen Road west of Lima Rd. These are not just fly-bys; it banged on my helmet and then hovered a few feed above and squawked. This is another reason to wear a helmet. The Red Winged blackbird is known to get very cranky when you enter his territory and he has eggs in the nest.

The attack is not dangerous unless it startles the rider and causes loss of control. That is why I put out this alert.
I was wondering if anyone else has had the experience; or do they just have a contract on me.

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