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February 2019 club meeting minutes
« on: February 12, 2019, 03:06:22 PM »
February 7, 2019

1. Call to Order
Meeting called to order 7:30 PM by Patrick.
Officers present included
•   Patrick Stelte
•   Jennifer Altherr
•   Hugh Smith
•   Doug Wintin
•   Dave McComb
•   Scott Tomsits
•   Mike Heyes
•   Amy Copeland absent
•   Pamela Fennell absent
•   Randy Rozewicz absent
Introductions and welcome extended to all in attendance including
•   Brad Smith
•   Angie Quinn
•   Phil Snider
•   Tania Glass
•   Steve Pequignot
•   Johnny Grabowski
•   John Furym
•   Kent Ellis

2. Passage of Minutes
Passage of January meeting minutes

3.  Presentation by Fort Wayne Trails - Request for Donation

•   Angie Quinn from Trek the Trails - Request for 2019 sponsorship.  Stats:  2018 Trek the trail had 24 rides offered, 1229 riders, 3 rain out dates (21 rides occurred).  Average 58 people per ride.   Last year they began doing a "second lap" to add additional miles for riders.  They had 123 people attend the "second laps".   They would like to offer the "second lap" again this year.  Ask:  $750 sponsor level for 3RVS, which is the same level as the club gave last year.   Angie said 3RVS could come to their kick-off ride which is the last Tuesday in April at the Towpath Trailhead on Engle Road and set up a booth.  The sponsorship covers the cost of the ride for the trail leaders.  Formal motion to donate $750 by Patrick.    All in favor.  No one opposed.  Angie Quinn abstained.

4. Officer Reports

Patrick Stelte, President’s Report
•   New Franke Park Mountain Bike trailhead sign was presented to Phil Snider.  Thanks to Brad Smith for having it made. 
•   First Aid Class - Feb 25, 6-8pm - Andy Grote will conduct a class for 3RVS club members at the downtown library in meeting room B
•   Free Movie Viewing For Club Members - “Godspeed” movie.  Patrick said the club could show the movie at no cost in the downtown library meeting room.  The library has audio visual equipment.  Jennifer will post on Facebook 3RVS page to seek input on a date/ time.   

Hugh Smith, Treasurer’s Report

o   Revenues include:    memberships, Festival Tour Registrations, Chilly Challenge Donations, annual party guest meals, tech tee shirts, vintage kits less Square fee
o   Expenditures include:  tech tee costs, chilly Challenge SAG supplies, Annual Awards, Annual Party Catering, conference hall fee for Annual Party, Festival Tour rack card printing fees
•   Racing balance is the same as last month
•   Franke Fund is the same as last month

Doug Wintin, Touring

Reviewed 2019 touring guidelines 
•   Rider safety is paramount
o   Continue evaluating routes for safety 
o   Riders play a major role in keeping everyone safe 
o   Obey club rules regarding the use of aero bars (including laying on top of drop bars)
•   Route selection for week-end rides
•   Increasing ridership at week-end rides
o   Atomic A Group (details to follow)
o   New rider day (details to follow)

Dave McComb, Racing

The race event schedule conflicted with other group rides such as Neighborlink last year.  As a result Dave plans to wait for the other groups to publish their event schedule before he creates his event calendar.  He will also work with Doug to grow race ridership.  Dave has yet to receive the cyclocross revenue from Neighborlink.

Randy Rozewicz, Off-Road (Patrick presented in Randy's absence)

Memorandum of Understanding with the Parks Department discussion
•   Patrick and Randy will continue working with Chuck Reddinger at the Parks Department on the Franke Park MOU - Agreement must be signed by Park Commissioners.
•   The Park Department is requesting from 3RVS for maintenance stewardship of Franke Park Trails:
o   $2M liability insurance for the club
o   $50,000 liability coverage for the club for property damage

Publicity, Pamela Fennell (Angie Quinn presented in Pamela's absence)

•   Reminder:  Embassy is showing “Breaking Away” this Sunday (10th) at 3pm.  Pamela is working on media coverage.  A ride to the event and a place to park bikes inside the Indiana Hotel is being coordinated by Mona and Pamela.  Arrive at 2:30pm if riding a bike to the event.
•   Anthony Barr, producer of The Mobile Cyclist (PBS TV Program):  Pamela had a conference call with Anthony Barr, who is interested in Fort Wayne.  Fort Wayne is being considered for one of the episodes as well as possibly two additional publicity opportunities in the future.  Pamela will give further updates. 

Amy Copeland, Membership - (Patrick presented in Amy's absence)

86 family, 69 individuals= 155 total.  13 new members.  3 Festival Tour registrations
Scott Tomsits, Newsletter

•   Tech shirts have arrived and Scott is working to continue getting them out to the people who ordered them.
•   The next newsletter will be in March

Mike Heyes, Webmaster

Nothing new to share this month

5. Additional Items of Interest

•   Johnny Grabowski - idea to republish an article from the newsletter archives each month.  The vintage binders are in the storage locker
•   Johnny Grabowski - ride proposal. 
o   A fee based ride with a route that forms a Space Invader GPS art of 78 miles.  Start/end location would be about 1.5 hours away in Elwood, Indiana. 
o   SAGs on the route due to the route not going through towns
o   Discussion points: Official club ride? Will it benefit a cause or organization? Joint destination ride with the Kokomo Bike Club?

•   Tabled until next month:  2019 Club Event Calendar

•   Annual Party Wrap Up -120 people attended,  133 RSVPs

o   Leftover food was donated to Charis House.
o   Chuck South was awarded Volunteer Spirit Award (presented by Dave McComb)
o   Chuck Bash was awarded Outstanding Leadership Award for 2018
o   Steve Pequignot was awarded Outstanding Leadership Award for 2019
o   General feeling is that all had a good time
•   Andrew Gritzmaker was an excellent and engaging speaker

6. Good of the Order

•   Kent Ellis - brought Festival Tour flyers and distributed to those who volunteered to distribute them
•   Angie:  Fort Wayne Trails received a grant from General Motors to conduct a vehicle/bicycle course.  If anyone has interest in becoming a League of American Bicyclist Instructor they can contact Angie.  April 26-28 will be the class.  Angie will write up a short article for the newsletter

7. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned. 8:55 pm

Minutes by Secretary Jennifer Altherr
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