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March 2019 club meeting minutes
« on: March 13, 2019, 03:50:30 PM »
March 7, 2019

1. Meeting called to order 7:30 PM by Amy Copeland.  Due to a meeting conflict Patrick arranged for Amy to begin the meeting in his absence.  Patrick arrived later.

Officers present included:  Patrick Stelte, Jennifer Altherr, Hugh Smith, Doug Wintin, Dave McComb, Randy Rozewicz, Pamela Fennell, Amy Copeland, Scott Tomsits.  Welcome extended to all in attendance including:  Steve Pequignot, Johnny Grabowski, Mona Will, Jack Campbell, Andrea England, Phil Snider, Roiann Smolinski, Tim Fennell, Russ Stevens.

2. Passage of Minutes - Passed unanimously

3. Officer Reports

Jennifer Altherr, Secretary
- February minutes passed earlier in the meeting

Patrick Stelte, President 
- No president's report this month as Patrick was not present at the start of the meeting

Hugh Smith, Treasurer
Revenues for tour registrations, tech shirts, memberships; Expenditures Phil Snider trail sign, annual party supplies and ice, annual race awards, USAC registration, annual sponsorship.  Racing balance unchanged from previous month; Franke Fund balance of unchanged from previous month)

Doug Wintin, Touring
- 2019 Ride Locations:

South:  1. Wayne High School; 2. Saint Joseph Hessen Cassel (New start location approved by Saint Joseph Hessen Cassel

West:  1. Homestead High School; 2. Arcola Elemetary School; 3. Sweetwater Sound; 4. Lafayette Meadows (New start location not yet approved)

North:  1. Hickory Center Elementary School; 2. Carrol High School; 3. Huntertown Elementary School; 4. Hahn Systems (New location not yet approved)

East:  1. Kreager Park; 2. New Haven High School; 3. Woodlan Junior Senior High School

Goal is to make it easier for people to get to ride locations from various geographic area.

- April 28 ride is the Ronald McDonald charity ride.  Registration is open on the Ronald McDonald House website, Club members may assist with marking the route

- The touring season will begin on 4/13/19 at 12:00 pm at Homestead High School.  Distance options will be 28, 41 and 52 miles

Dave McComb, Racing
- Dave met with Andrew Hoffman of Team Neighborlink to discuss this season's schedule.  Andrew is not having a downtown criterium race.  Andrew's Hot Laps series will most likely run from mid-June through mid-July on Tuesdays.  They discussed the possibility of a CX race at Franke.  Andrew said a check was sent to 3RVS for the CX Practice Events held at Franke Park last fall in early January for $452.14.  Hugh and Amy said the club has not received the check.

- 3RVS Racing:  Dave is working on old sponsors, new sponsors, existing racers and new racers.  Dave calculated rider race reimbursement.  Waiting to see if a sponsor for 2018 is going to come through on their sponsorship.  Dave will email Hugh the name and dollar amount for each reimbursement check.  Jason Maier, Shane Powell, Sarah Farver-Staub, Luke Landis and Early Ealey are not coming back to 3RVS Racing for the 2019 season.  Ten 3RVS racers paid over $4500 in race registration fees for the 2018 season.  Dave submitted a sponsorship request to Meijer Grocery for the 2019 season

Randy Rozewicz, Off-Road
- Franke Park trail work Saturdays.  12 people showed up to help at the last trail work day.  Many trees were cleared from trails.  People are welcome to help on trail maintenance days which are 2nd Saturdays of each month at 9am.  Contact Randy if interested.  It would be an opportunity for a school looking for a volunteer project. 

- Discussion of the Franke Park Master Plan:  25 year plan. 

- Franke Park Trails Memorandum of Understanding:  Randy is pursuing some minor adjustments to make it more reciprocal.  Hugh said the club's insurance company indicates the liability insurance required of the club by the MOA would be approximately $3500 per year.  Currently there is no liability insurance for the club for trail maintenance accidents.  Phil suggested that the club put a disclaimer on the Franke Park Trailhead bulletin board that maintenance should be coordinated through 3RVS

- Off road rides:  Randy said Franke Park trail conditions will be posted on Franke Park Trails and 3RVS Facebook pages.  Franke Park MTB rides will start soon:  Mondays and Wednesdays. Randy will get the details onto and 3RVS Facebook page.  Phil's Urban Exploring rides continue on Thursdays and some Saturdays

Publicity, Pamela Fennell
-Pamela has been working on determining what items to include in the festival tour bagsAmy

Copeland, Membership
- Total Memberships 173:  94 Family, 79 Individual memberships
- Amy will email last year's members who did not renew this year to ask if they want to renew.  She will purge those that do not renew by April 1 from the email distribution roster

Scott Tomsits, Newsletter
- Anyone who ordered tech shirts that has not picked them up should contact Scott.  20 tech shirts remain unclaimed

Mike Heyes, Webmaster (report submitted to Patrick in Mike's absence)
- Added Doug Wintin touring report, along with a picture that Luis sent him.  Added Amy and Jennifer's Kal-Haven destination ride.  Added Mona's 3RVS CARES article.  Mike is hoping to have more content from mtb and racing this year. He has not received any mtb information in a couple of years, which is why that section has been removed from the website.  He would like to publish info about the 3RVS race team, if it will be together this year, and he'd like race results too. He used to post race results in the past and would like to do so this year.

- Investigating switch to new hosting provider for the website.  Mike says:  I've used the same website hosting provider for around 14 years, both for the 3rvs and BRinIN websites. They have been very good in the past, but I've noticed some changes recently that have me concerned:  the
response time has been slow, there have been some issues with their software installer, and some other back-end technical issues. On BRinIN (a separate website that I have, but using the same company ), they are using a very old, unsupported version of PHP. 3RVS has the newer version
of PHP. They have their reasons for this, but it is concerning from a security perspective. Support from them can be very good, or not so much, depending on which person gets the support ticket. I moved BRinIN over to a new hosting provider recently and I'm evaluating them. So far I'm very happy with the response time, services and software provided. Customer service is very good, very fast. I signed up for a three year package that is very inexpensive. For 3RVS we would basically get one year free compared to what we're paying now. I want to continue the evaluation throughout the 30-day money back guarantee before I look at making this change. I'll have more about this next month.

4.  Additional Items of Interest
- 2019 club events calendar thus far includes (some events and dates are tentative): 
4/13 Opening ride
4/28 Ronald McDonald Charity ride
7/14 Festival Tour
June 7-9 Kal-Haven Destination ride
Aug 31, Sept 1, Sept 2 - Labor Day Triple Century
June 8-9 - Air show ride
June 21 - Summer Solstice Ice Cream ride
May 15th - Ride of Silence
June 1 Fort for Fitness
Jersey Ride - 3rd or 4th Saturday in September
Christmas Lights Ride - Dec 19
Space Invaders Ride
Pumpkinvine Destination Ride
Jammin’ in Roanoke (tentative)

5. Good of the Order
- Roiann Smolinski:   Spring Forward Fest Light Parade, March 9th, 5:30pm.  Family friendly event.  Website:   

6. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned. 8:31 pm

Minutes by Secretary Jennifer Altherr
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