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July 2019 club meeting minutes
« on: July 26, 2019, 09:10:11 PM »
July 10, 2019

1. Call to Order
• Meeting called to order 7:30 PM by Patrick. Officers present included Patrick Stelte, Jennifer Altherr, Doug Wintin, Dave McComb, Pamela Fennell, Amy Copeland, and Scott Tomsits

Introductions and welcome extended to all in attendance including Steve Pequignot, Mona Will, Shane Powell, Kent Ellis, Ann Ellis, Roiann Smokinsky, Megan McClellan, Ron Herman and Steve Sowers.

2. Passage of Minutes
• Passage of June meeting minutes.

3. Officer Reports
Jennifer Altherr, Secretary
• June minutes passed earlier in the meeting.

Patrick Stelte, President
•Introduction of Fort Wayne Trails new executive director, Megan McClellan
• Saturday Sept 21 at Roanoke will be the 9th annual Jersey Appreciation ride
•Annual party will be at Parkview Mirro Center on Saturday January 4, 2020

Hugh Smith, Treasurer (Patrick presented in Hugh's absence)
•   Revenues: included festival tour registrations, memberships, Wagner Research race sponsor, .
•   Expenditures: included festival tour socks, Hosting Matters domaine name registration, race payout, festival tour pavilion rental, excess medical policy, chamois butter for festival tour swag bags, ice cream ride supplies, festival tour porta-toilets, festival tour swag bag supplies.
Franke fund balance the same as last month
Race fund balance added sponsorship money
Cyclocross fund balance the same as last month
Franke Park Project total the same as last month

Kent Ellis for the Festival Tour update:  Currently 171 registered which is the largest pre-registration we've ever had at this date before the tour.  Discussion about preparation for SAG stops, swag bags, anniversary socks, marking of the routes, route maps, and road support including 15 Hamm operators.   We have 250 swag bags and 300 pairs of socks.  Discussion about course of action if registrants exceed sag bags.  Motion to give $10 discount for 251+ registrant because they will not get socks or swag bag.  Motion passed unanimously.   

Doug Wintin, Touring
Continuation of last month's discussion about non-traditional bikes in club rides such as aero bars, e-bikes, tandem bikes and recumbent bikes.  Doug said he researched how other clubs handle non-traditional bikes on club rides.  Doug would like to add language about the usage of aero bars would be at discretion of the tour director and respective ride leaders with a focus on safety of the group.  For this year, Doug would like to have recumbent bikes at the back of the group, with discretion up to the touring director and respective ride leaders.  If the ride leader is comfortable, then Doug will help the ride leader designate their ride that Shane can also ride in the front of the group.  There was also discussion how to handle other types of non-traditional bikes such as tandems, trikes, hand crank-bikes and e-bikes. 

Patrick made a motion:  For the rest of 2019, for designated rides, recumbent bikes can ride in front or back.  For any other rides, recumbent rides must ride in the back.  Vote:  7 agreed, 4 disagreed.  Motion passed. 

Amy Copeland, Membership
• Total Memberships 287, comprised of 132 Family and 155 Individual memberships.  We are up 10 members from same time last year. 48 of the members are new members. We have 4 applications in progress from the festival tour.

Scott Tomsits, Newsletter
Scott welcomed anyone to submit newsletter articles to him at

4. Additional Items of Interest
•   Ann Ellis - On July 1 the 3 foot passing law went into effect in Indiana
•   Mona Wills - Proposed putting an electric candle and picture of Susan Hunt at the Festival SAG
•   Roiann Smolinski - Has had people ask for tech tee reorder.  Decision was for Roiann to get a list of people who want to place an order.
5. Good of the Order

6. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned. 9:00 pm
Minutes by Secretary Jennifer Altherr

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