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August 2019 club meeting minutes
« on: August 21, 2019, 08:25:48 PM »
August 1, 2019

1. Call to Order
Meeting called to order 7:30 PM by Patrick Stelte. 
Officers present included:  Patrick Stelte, Hugh Smith, Dave McComb, Amy Copeland, Randy Rozewicz and Scott Tomsits.  Welcome extended to all in attendance including:  Steve Pequignot, Phil Snider, Shane Powell, Jack Campbell, Mona Will, Andrea Egeland and Johnny Grabowski.

2. Passage of Minutes
Passed unanimously

3. Officer Reports
July minutes passed earlier in the meeting

Hugh Smith, Treasurer
- Festival Tour wrap up as of July 30th:  A preliminary report of revenues and expenditures gave a profit that exceeded $1,000 before final payment to Bicycle Indiana for promotion.
- Revenues include Festival Tour registrations, club memberships club clothing and Festival Tour donations.  Expenditures include Festival Tour items, Postal Box yearly rental, Franke maintenance supplies.  Franke account had expenditures for maintenance.

Doug Wintin, Touring (Not Present - Supplied to Patrick)
- Doug has confirmed the Labor Day weekend Triple Century Tour for this year.  Labor Day Century Tour will once again be in St. Joe, Indiana with loop courses and SAG support at the church by Deb Watts.

Dave McComb, Racing
- Trail maintenance turnout was good in July with kudos to Aaron Hawking, “a great help.”
- Discussion of adding better Franke trail signage

Randy Rozewicz, Off-Road
- Parks Department has delivered materials to help maintenance of Franke trails
- Trails are closed periodically to dry out
-Franke trails updates @ Franke MTB on Facebook

Publicity, Pamela Fennell (Not Present, No Report)

Amy Copeland, Membership
Total Memberships
Members 304
 Family 136
 Individual memberships 168
New in 2019:  64

Scott Tomsits, Newsletter
- Newsletter sent out July 31st, maps on website are correct

Mike Heyes, Webmaster (report by Patrick in Mike's absence)
- Applied security updated to core software, current version is 3.9.10, one extension pending
- Updated President’s Report, touring articles and schedules, destination ride, and 3rvs Cares
- Added Tuesday Night Short & Sweet ride info
- Uploaded revised Kreager 7 map and added link from touring map listing in include Kreager 8
-  Two Festival Tour articles pending for publication

6.  Additional Items of Interest
- Festival Tour Wrap Up:  271 registered riders, 249 day of riders.  Hugh gave financial report.  Patrick presented survey feedback and read aloud sixty-eight comments by participants

7. Good of the Order
- Mona Will presented three suggestion for the storage unit: 1) replace old green plastic bins with clear plastic bins for easier understanding of contents; 2) add shelving to clean up space; 3) throw away or donate large role of yellow tape.  All in attendance agreed with Mona’s items.

8. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm
Minutes by President Patrick Stelte