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November 2019 club meeting minutes
« on: November 27, 2019, 09:14:38 PM »
November 7, 2019

1. Call to Order
Meeting called to order 7:30 PM by Patrick
Officers present include Patrick Stelte, Jennifer Altherr, Doug Wintin, Dave McComb, Amy Copeland, Scott Tomsits, Hugh Smith, and Pamela Fennel.
Welcome extended to all in attendance including Steve Pequinot, Roianne Smolinski, Marty Smolinski, Andrea Egeland, Phil Snider, Jack Campbell, Shane Powell, Ed Lines, and Mark Frazier

2. Passage of Minutes
Passage of October meeting minutes

3. Officer Reports
Jennifer Altherr, Secretary
October minutes passed earlier in the meeting

Patrick Stelte, President
Turnstone and Active Transportation Coalition is requesting assistance for a road and time trial course which will be used for 3 days for Olympic qualifying para-cycling events in April 2020.  Patrick will meet with them to get more information.

Hugh Smith, Treasurer
Revenues included membership dues, tech tee and socks, and Jersey Ride donations; expenditures included Jersey ride supplies and food and Cyclocross paint

Doug Wintin, Touring
- Recap of 2019 season - First goal is to keep members safe by avoiding high traffic areas and state highways when possible.  Some of the other priorities included dividing the county into four quadrants and rotating weekend rides amongst them, adding new routes, the introduction of Ride with GPS for mapping and route files, using Sign-up Genius for ride leader scheduling, new week night rides, and discussion about recumbent bikes on group rides. 
- Doug announced that after a great deal of thought, he will not be tour director next year.   If you have anyone in mind for this role please let Doug know. 

Dave McComb, Racing
- Cyclocross - Last Sunday, Nov 3, in Madison IN, these people won Indiana State Champion titles:  Chuck South won for age 60+, Dave McComb won for age 50+, Levi Hall won for 13-14 age group
- Cyclocross practice series is winding down; approximately 25 riders per week.
- Dave is looking for somewhere to store the cyclocross stakes and materials for the off-season
- Dave will calculate race season payouts in January
- Dave is researching the possibility of 3RVS hosting the 2020 Indiana State Road Championship

Randy Rozewicz, Off-Road (absent)

Publicity, Pamela Fennell
The Festival Tour committee is working on Festival Tour planning

Amy Copeland, Membership
309 Total Memberships
 family 136
 individual 173
 66 of the members were not members for the 2018 season

Scott Tomsits, Newsletter
The last club newsletter was sent out
If you would like to submit an article for a future newsletter please let Scott know
The anniversary kit orders have arrived and will be distributed   

Mike Heyes, Webmaster (absent, notes read by Patrick)
Updated and posted the Chilly Challenge page to the website
Several other items posted to the website including the Hessen Castle route, the new Show 'n Go schedule

4. Additional Items of Interest
 Annual party at Mirro Center-
Speaker to be determined
Volunteer recognition discussion
Discussion about Mirro Center catering menu options
Those present decided to use Mirro Center catering
Patrick will bring specific food choices to the meeting in December

5. Good of the Order
Mona is organizing the Chilly Challenge event and it will be discussed at the December club

6. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned. 8:40 PM
Minutes by Secretary Jennifer Altherr