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March 2020 club meeting minutes
« on: March 20, 2020, 03:11:02 PM »
March 5, 2020
1. Call to Order

    Meeting called to order 7:30 PM by John Grabowski
    Officers present include John Grabowski, Jennifer Altherr, Shane Powell, Dave McComb, Amy Copeland, Scott Tomsits, Kent Ellis, Randy Rozewicz, Andrea Egeland
    Welcome extended to all in attendance including Roianne Smolinski, Jack Campbell, Ed Lines, Jack Fitzmaurice, Steve Pequignot  Tania Glass, Angie Quinn, Patrick Stelte, Jennifer Kummer, Scott Kummer

2. Passage of Minutes

    Passage of February meeting minutes

3. Officer Reports

    Jennifer Altherr, Secretary

    February minutes passed earlier in the meeting

    John Grabowski, President

    2021 follow up on annual awards banquet - John signed the contract for January 9, 2021 at the Mirro Center
    Proposed revision to add Social Media Director (formerly known as Webmaster) as a club officer
        Role would manage 3RVS website as well as other 3RVS social media account administration
        Role is separate from the Publicity role
        Club constitution and bylaws revisions were distributed and reviewed
        A majority of meeting attendees approved of the proposed revisions
        Next step will be to publish the proposal in the April newsletter, for reading, discussion, and vote at the meeting in May

    Amy Copeland, Treasurer

    Balance as of March 5: $xx,xxx
    Revenues of $x,xxx included memberships and anonymous donation for junior race team
    Expenditures of $x,xxx included annual Awards Banquet, Breaking Away movie reimbursement, and USAC annual dues
    General Fund $xx,xxx
    Race team balance of $x,xxx
    Cyclocross Project balance of $541.02
    Franke Project balance of $x,xxx
    Jr Racing (NICA) $x,xxx
    May 1, 2020   $100 annual League of American Bicyclists dues are due and will be paid

    Shane Powell, Touring

    Currently in Show 'n Go season
    Ride RMHC charity ride on April 26 - Looking for 8-10 ride ambassadors.
        Volunteers:  Jennifer Altherr, Scott Tomsits, Steve Pequignot
    Working on Ride With GPS

    Dave McComb, Racing

    Received approval from those present to dispose of the club's non-functional race timer
    Adding two MTB Ride Leaders
    Received approval to add race team information at the Franke Park kiosk
        Jake Fitzmaurice reimbursed for NEIC team fees
        3RVS racing reimbursement checks for team members
        NEIC jersey preliminary design completed
        Informational meeting at SCB April 26, 2-4 PM
        Beckman Lawson Lawyers sponsorship $1000
    Work continues on the State Road Race
        Applied for permit for closure of roads for the race
        Sign up genius created for volunteers to sign up
        INKY application for the race filed
        Secured the Green Township Community Center for race day

    Randy Rozewicz, Off-Road

    Obtained an 8 x 20' container for Franke Park to replace the shed
    Working on annual Franke Park Trail report to share with Parks Department
    Will work on the trail maintenance work schedule
    Discussion about making Franke Park trail maps available at the trailhead
    Discussion about making a video about Franke Park trails

    Publicity, Pamela Fennell (absent, so presented by John)

    Working on ride cards and swag items for Festival Tour
    Looking into offering an additional route option of a 55 mile mostly gravel route for the Festival Tour

    Kent Ellis, Membership

    269 memberships
    349 adults
    166 renewals so far this year
    25% of members don't renew annually.   Point of interest to find out why this trend occurs.

    Scott Tomsits, Newsletter

    Newsletter was distributed February 29, 2020
    Discussion about how to include the proposed Social Media director into the newsletter

    Andrea Egeland, Webmaster

    Working on the website - determining what changes need to be made
    Andrea and John are now admins for the Three Rivers Velo Sport Facebook Group

4. Additional Items of Interest

    Angie Quinn - Sustainability Director of Ft Wayne Trails and club member
        Proposal to renew the club's annual sponsorship of Trek the Trails
            1433 riders for the 2019 season
                21 rides
                68 average riders per ride
                108 highest riders for a ride
            Sponsorship requested to to offer an additional loop to extend the distance of the ride
            Request $750 collaboration level that the club has done for the last 2 years
            April 28 will be the kick off for Trek the Trails at Eagle Marsh
            This Sunday there will be a Spring Forward ride noon at McMillen Park
            The $750 sponsorship request was approved

5.  Good of the Order

    Tania Glass - Memorial for Al Stoller at Franke Park
        Randy R indicated the kiosk by Frog Pond could be used
    Steve Pequignot - Cycle IQ has a new product called Upride for posting hazardous information
        You can post a short video and description of what happened, such as a dog chased or an automobile driver behaved dangerously
            Contact Steve if you'd like more information

Meeting at library adjourned. 9 PM