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May 2020 club meeting minutes
« on: June 02, 2020, 01:37:00 PM »
May  7, 2020
(Zoom virtual meeting)

1. Call to Order

    Meeting called to order 7:30PM PM by Johnny Grabowski
    Offers present include Jennifer Altherr, Dave McComb, Amy Copeland, Scott Tomsits, Pamela Fennel, Kent Ellis, Andrea Egeland
    Welcome extended to all in attendance including Ed Lines,  Mona Wills, Ed Lines, Tania Glass, Charlie Copeland, Patrick Stelte, Steve Pequignot

2. Passage of Minutes

    Passage of April meeting minutes

3. Officer Reports
Jennifer Altherr, Secretary

    April minutes passed earlier in the meeting

Johnny Grabowski, President

    Constitutional amendment will wait for next in-person club meeting
    Logo / branding committee has not been formed. Johnny happy to be on committee, but seeking volunteer to lead it - if interested please contact Johnny
    Those present agreed that group rides remain suspended for now at least until June 14 per the governor's plan - will reevaluate at the June meeting after viewing the status of our governor's Back on Track status
    Festival Tour committee met last night
        Mona's update:
            Committee can't go further with planning until we hear from the governor, so in the June club meeting the committee will bring a recommendation on if they feel the club should proceed with the tour
                If 3 Rivers Festival or RAIN tour cancels their events, then we won't do a festival tour

Amy Copeland, Treasurer

    General fund balance: $xx,xxx
    Franke balance $x,xxx
    Cyclocross balance $xxx
    Racing balance $x,xxx
    Jr racing (NICA) $x,xxx
    Total balance $xx,xxx
        Income $349.55 (memberships, festival tour, clothing)
        Debit $100 (festival tour registration)

Shane Powell, Touring (absent)


Dave McComb, Racing

    Two $500 sponsorships renewed
    NICA and 3RVS race kits shipped
    June time trial is still on track
    August state road race still on track

Randy Rozewicz, Off-Road (absent)


Publicity, Pamela Fennell

    Committee has been working on Festival Tour.  If the decision is to have the tour, then there will be just 5 weeks to prepare so more help will be needed.
    Patrick indicated prepacked food would be needed, and SAG stop social distancing

Kent Ellis, Membership

    Looked into a new membership management website called The Driven.  It has unlimited email, ability to set up groups of people by pace, survey and newsletter functionalities.   Could potentially be no cost.  Could use their website for our club instead of paying for our own website host.  Can set automated renewal reminders, and members could select auto renewal.  Memberships could run 365 days from whenever the new member joins instead of calendar year.  Cost is $2 individual, $2.75 family.  Option that club could pay part of the member's fees, or members pay all of the fees.  Kent will virtually meet with Amy and Andrea to get their input on if they think the website would be an asset to the club.
    176 total members
        239 adults
        97 memberships from last year haven't renewed
        Stopped sending renewal reminder emails for now

Scott Tomsits, Newsletter

    Received two articles for next newsletter.   Discussion about additional articles being submitted.

Andrea Egeland, Webmaster

    Still working on the website.
        It is time to create a committee to decide what the website should look like. Andrea's goal is to use DreamWeaver and build a new site from scratch. Our current host is Hosting Matters and annual fee was paid November 2019 for $112.20.
        Committee  volunteers:  Amy Copeland, Johnny Grabowski, Scott Tomsits, Steve Pequignot, Shane Powell

4. Additional Items of Interest

    Amy:  KalHaven Destination Tour June 12-14  is cancelled
    Andrea:  There are many more hikers and runners at Franke lately.  Andrea proposed directional signs on the trails so people know which direction bikes should go, and which directions people on foot should go.  Andrea said Randy may have ideas for solutions.
    Johnny:  Until we can have club rides, how can we engage our members?  Ideas:
        Promote group Zwift rides
        Publish routes or events that people can do on their own and take pictures
        Promote Fort for Fitness virtual ride
        Virtual scavenger hunt
        Monthly challenges for achievements
        Contact Johnny Grabowski with ideas for 30 day challenges for club members
    5. Good of the Order

6. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned. 9 PM
Minutes by Secretary Jennifer Altherr