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June 2020 Club meeting minutes
« on: June 24, 2020, 05:15:20 PM »
June 4, 2020
1. Call to Order

    Meeting called to order 7:30PM PM by Johnny Grabowski
    Offers present include Jennifer Altherr, Dave McComb, Amy Copeland, Scott Tomsits,  Pamela Fennel, Kent Ellis, Andrea Egeland, Johnny Grabowski
    Welcome extended to all in attendance including Ed Lines, Mona Will, Tania Glass, Patrick Stelte, Steve Pequignot, Roiann Smolinski, Marty Smolinski, Tim Thoms

2. Passage of Minutes

    Passage of May meeting minutes

3. Officer Reports
Jennifer Altherr, Secretary

    May minutes passed earlier in the meeting

Johnny Grabowski, President

    Group rides discussion:  Indiana is in Stage 3 of the Back On Track Indiana plan, with Stage 4 planned for June 14, and Stage 5 planned for July 4
        CIBA is opening their own group rides on June 4 at ride leader discretion. Patrick read CIBA's guidelines which include liability waivers and specified distance between riders.
        Those present agreed that on June 14 people will be allowed to use our Facebook page to organize their own rides (not club rides) as long as they understand there is a possibility of exposure to COVID-19 on bike rides. The club will resume organized rides on July 4.
            Patrick motioned to vote, Jennifer seconded the motion, and no one opposed.

Amy Copeland, Treasurer

    General fund balance: $xx,xxx
    Franke balance $x,xxx
    Cyclocross balance $xxx
    Racing balance $x,xxx
    Jr Racing (NICA) $x,xxx
    Total balance $xx,xxx
        Income $1144.84  (race sponsorships, memberships, Festival Tour registrations)
        Debit $1777.66 (race kits reimbursement, refunded Festival Tour registrations)

Shane Powell, Touring

    “Fort to Port” ride idea - For next season would like to explore the possibility of the club doing a one-day/one-way ride, similar to RAIN or ODRAM
        Once we resume our club rides, would like to have a ride to test the route and test feasibility for SAGs
    GPX files for 3RVS Weekend Tour routes are available on Ride with GPS - still working on having GPX files available at
    Festival Tour Committee Update (Mona Will) - Committee met last night to discuss options.  The committee unanimously recommends that 3RVS cancel the 2020 Festival Tour based on uncertainty of scheduling the date and possibility of having to cancel it, along with financial concerns with expenses.
        Johnny motioned to follow the committee's recommendation to not have a Festival tour for 2020.   Patrick seconded the motion.  No one opposed
        Patrick cancelled Morsche's Park and will refund. Sweetwater Performance Pavilion reservation has been cancelled. Mona will contact the Arcola Fire Department  to let them know we won't need their facilities.
    Next year will be the 50th Festival Tour

Dave McComb, Racing

    Making determination on whether or not to have the State Road Race
    Concerns with how many riders would participate
    Concerns with sponsorship funding for payouts

Randy Rozewicz, Off-Road

    Met with Parks Department
    Making good headway on Derby Hill and should be finished by June
    Two workdays coming up
    Franke Park signage - Randy will take Jason for a walk on the trails to determine what signs there should be. The trails are multi-use, and walkers and bikers flow in the same direction.
    Amy asked if there are some trails that are only for bikes - Randy said all trails are mixed use for bikers and hikers. 3RVS cannot dictate that walkers/hikers shouldn't be on certain trails or that they go in a different direction. Dave McComb agreed.

Publicity, Pamela Fennell


Kent Ellis, Membership

    186 total members
        251 adults
        Sent final renewal email, and removed non-members from email distribution list

Scott Tomsits, Newsletter

    Newsletter held to be able to include information from this meeting. Officers will submit articles ASAP so Scott can send a June Newsletter

Andrea Egeland, Webmaster

    Johnny will update the Facebook Group about the club ride decision, and will give Andrea the verbiage for the website
    Andrea will post on the website that the 2020 Festival Tour is cancelled
    Patrick has scheduled meeting room space at the library for August and September. Johnny will check with Sweetwater about July meeting space.
    Andrea will work on 3RVS Ride Calendar In preparation for July 4 club rides resuming

4. Additional Items of Interest


5. Good of the Order


6. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned. 8:49 PM
Minutes by Secretary Jennifer Altherr