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July 2020 club meeting minutes
« on: July 17, 2020, 09:44:08 PM »
July 2, 2020
1. Call to Order

    Meeting called to order 7:30PM PM by Johnny Grabowski
    Offers present include Amy Copeland, Scott Tomsits, Kent Ellis, Andrea Egeland, Johnny Grabowski, Randy Rozewicz
    Welcome extended to all in attendance including Patrick Stelte and Roiann Smolinski

2. Passage of Minutes

    Passage of June meeting minutes

3. Officer Reports
Jennifer Altherr, Secretary (not present)


Johnny Grabowski, President

    Concerning the 3RVS constitution amendment proposed at the March, 2020 monthly meeting that would establish Social Media Director as a position in the 3RVS Board of Directors and amend the constitution to account for the revised number of officers. Per section 8.1 of the 3RVS constitution, the amendment was presented in writing at a regular meeting and supported by at least (5) eligible voting members. The amendment was then published in a supplemental newsletter emailed to all current 3RVS members. It was read aloud at a 3RVS meeting and discussed. Finally, the amendment was put to a vote, and was unanimously approved, effectively replacing the former Webmaster position with the new Social Media Director position. Congratulations, Andrea!

Amy Copeland, Treasurer

    General fund balance: $xx,xxx
    Franke balance $x,xxx
    Cyclocross balance $xxx
    Racing balance $x,xxx
    Jr Racing (NICA) $x,xxx
    Total balance $xx,xxx
        Income $527.45  (memberships, race kit purchases)
        Debit $978 (website hosting, Jr racing shirts)

Shane Powell, Touring

    Weekend Tours scheduled to begin July 4th weekend. Will be working with available ride leaders.
    Weeknight Ride schedule is still developing and will be filled in as more rides scheduled.
    Discussion on recording names of participants on any group ride so that 3RVS has the information available should it be needed for contact tracing purposes related to COVID-19 pandemic. Decided that ride leader is responsible for obtaining the names of all participants on group rides.

Dave McComb, Racing (not present, no report)
Randy Rozewicz, Off-Road

    Coordinating with Parks Department on approval for additional improvements
    Upcoming workdays scheduled
    Still researching solution for on-site storage facility
    Working to update Franke trails maps to include new trails

Publicity, Pamela Fennell (not present)


Kent Ellis, Membership

    188 total members (123 Individual / 65 Family)

Scott Tomsits, Newsletter

    Last couple of months newsletters have been held pending decisions related to pandemic and group ride schedule. June newsletter was sent late in the month to include July weekend tour schedule.
    July newsletter will not be sent, with all newsletter contributors instructed to submit articles for August newsletter no later than 1 week prior to end of July so August newsletter can be sent on August 1st.

Andrea Egeland, Social Media Director

    Andrea continues with minor revisions to
        Johnny submitted revised text for the "About 3RVS" page, which was updated
        Updated text for Membership page
        Removed "Group Rides Suspended"� notice from home page
        Updating site with info for Weekend Tours and Weeknight Rides as info received
        Working on getting route files uploaded to site and available to 3RVS members

4. Additional Items of Interest

    Johnny - since 3RVS will not have the income we would have from the cancelled Festival Tour, should we brainstorm ways to generate income for 3RVS in 2020?
        Various ideas discussed, but general feeling was that people are financially strapped and 3RVS is in a strong financial position to sustain this year without Festival Tour revenue
        Other ideas discussed included exploring the idea of a Swap Meet for Spring 2021. Committee to be formed.

5. Good of the Order

    Follow-up on toolkit for Franke Park - an expense approved at previous meeting. Tools have not been purchased - Randy is concerned that there is not a good place to put them that they won't be stolen.
    Andrea brought to Rand's attention that she is aware of some electric poles that were recently removed and available if they'd be useful at Franke. Randy said he would check into getting a trailer to pick them up.
    Re: group riding guidelines - USA Cycling has good group guidelines

6. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM
Minutes by Johnny Grabowski