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October 2020 club meeting minutes
« on: October 28, 2020, 11:28:33 PM »
October 1, 2020
1. Call to Order

    Meeting called to order 7:30PM PM by Johnny Grabowski
    Offers present include Johnny Grabowski, Amy Copeland, Kent Ellis, Shane Powell, Randy Rozewicz, Dave McComb, Andrea Egeland, and Scott Tomsits
    Welcome extended to all in attendance including Patrick Stelte and Phil Snider (both stopped by pre-meeting to cover various aspects of upcoming Jersey Ride)

2. Passage of Minutes

    Passage of September meeting minutes

3. Officer Reports
Jennifer Altherr, Secretary (not present)

    September minutes passed earlier in the meeting

John Grabowski, President

    Jersey Ride Update - ride leaders and routes in place for upcoming weekend’s event. Johnny to purchase / order food. Volunteer staff in place to stage / serve post-ride refreshments.
    Group Riding Guidelines proposed revisions update. Upon review of Group Riding Guidelines, Johnny feels that they would benefit from a major revision / rewrite. Amy suggested that rather than wait to incorporate Shane’s suggestions pertaining to keeping pace groups together and not pushing race-style paces on group rides, why not go ahead and revise per his suggestion, especially if we will be reviewing and revising Group Riding Guidelines overall. Dave McComb asked why a revision isn’t simply the responsibility of the Touring Director and why it would warrant discussion by the board, and it was pointed out that the Group Riding Guidelines are currently posted for the whole club and not Touring-specific. It was agreed to incorporate Shane’s suggested revisions and Johnny volunteered to take responsibility for working on the major revision / rewrite to be presented in the future.
    Current Officers’ intent for 2021 - Johnny pointed out that this is the first year for many of our Officers in their positions, and with the challenges of 2020 and the length of time that it takes to get up to speed in a new position / the length of time it takes to bring new initiatives to fruition, he encourages current Officers to continue in their positions. If, however, any Officer is planning to resign from their current post, please do not wait to make your intentions known, that way we can work on finding a suitable replacement and a smooth transition.

Amy Copeland, Treasurer

    General fund balance:  $xx,xxx
    Franke balance:  $  x,xxx
    Cyclocross balance:  $     xxx
    Racing balance:  $  x,xxx
    Jr Racing (NICA) balance: $     xxx
    Total balance:   $xx,xxx
        Income $x,xxx including memberships, Jr Racing anonymous donation, insurance policy refund related to Festival Tour cancellation, and clothing and racing kit sales.
        Debit $x,xxx including Jr Racing kit purchase, annual insurance premium payment, annual website hosting payment, pavilion rental for Jersey Ride.

Shane Powell, Touring

    September Touring Challenge was successful
    Touring schedule set through end of October, including Fall Foliage ride and a planned Halloween ride that includes a reportedly haunted bridge.
    Show ‘n’ Go rides will begin Nov 1, Shane will contact Steve Souers to verify Steve will continue to organize Show ‘n’ Go rides as in years past

Dave McComb, Racing

    September Time Trial was successful
    Cyclocross Nationals canceled

Randy Rozewicz, Off-Road

    Derby Hill 80% complete
    Quotes obtained for 20-foot and 40-foot containers (including delivery) to be used for storage at Franke Park and eliminate storage room that 3RVS currently rents monthly. 20-foot container quote of $2,217. Motion to approve up to $2,400 to purchase a container and have it delivered was seconded and approved by unanimous vote, with Randy intending on pursuing the 20-foot option.
    Team Neighborlink Hot Laps event was held on Franke trails. Over 85 documented athletes participated in the event, which resulted in a TNL contribution to the Franke Park trail maintenance budget. Additionally, some discussion as to how best to coordinate 3RVS / TNL / Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation efforts.

Publicity, Pamela Fennell


Kent Ellis, Membership

    217 memberships - 70 Family / 147 Individual

Andrea Egeland, Social Media

    Started a dropbox account with a 3RVS gmail and will start asking for photos from members to post on social media
    Established 3RVS Instagram account

Scott Tomsits, Newsletter

    Newsletter held in order to include September Touring Challenge results
    Scott encouraged Officers to please contribute to newsletter regularly

4. Additional Items of Interest

    Festival Tour 2021 update: Committee meetings are happening regularly now. Sweetwater Performance Pavilion reservation confirmed.

5. Good of the Order

    Annual Awards Banquet: Johnny let Officers know to have award submission proposals ready for Nov meeting
    Discussion on whether or not we want to schedule a keynote speaker and if so, who we should consider

6. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned. 8:55 PM
Minutes by Johnny Grabowski