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November 2020 club meeting minutes
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November 5, 2020
1. Call to Order
● Meeting called to order 7:30PM PM by Johnny Grabowski
● Officers present included Johnny Grabowski, Jennifer Altherr, Dave McComb, Amy Copeland, Randy
Rozewicz, Andrea Egeland, Shane Powell
● Welcome extended to all in attendance Steve Pequinot, Roianne Smolinski, Marty Smolinski, Phil Snider,
Jack Campbell, Tim Ellsworth, Mona Wills, Jake Fitzmaurice, Patrick Stelte, and two others, with Pamela
Fennel and Angie Quinn both attending via Zoom virtual meeting.

2. Passage of Minutes
● Passage of October meeting minutes

3. Additional Items of Interest
● Christmas Lights Ride (Phil Snider): They don't allow bikes to go through the Fantasy of Lights as usual.
However, the owners of Summit City Bikes are willing to meet us at Lawton Park with refreshments.
Thursday December 17 at 6PM is the tentative date and time.

● Chilly Challenge (Phil Snider/ Mona Will): For social distancing, the size of the barn we've used in the past is
too small for the number of riders we traditionally have. Mona contacted Parks and Recreation to tentatively
reserve Franke Park Pavilion #1, capacity of 296 with a full kitchen. The Parks Department is still willing to
pay the rental bill. Phil says Franke will be suitable for a route. There will be a pre-tour the Saturday before
the ride. Those present approved the new location. Mona will work on how to have people register and sign
waivers online. Proposed food format - 2 chili options, prepackaged cookies, prepackaged utensils. No
self-service. We have missed the publication date for Fun Times, but Mona will see if it can be added online.

● Bicycle Indiana Resource Guide (Angie Quinn): Proposal for club to buy an quarter page ad in the resource
guide for $450/yr. Or, buy a membership to get listed as a resource toward the back and a link on the
website for $100/yr. For 2019 we purchased a listing, according to Kent's analytics we may have had 6 or 7
people who learned about the ride in the resource guide. Last year we determined buying a half page ad
wasn't efficient. Those present agreed to purchasing the $100 listing and link in the resource guide.

● Annual Awards Banquet venue cancellation / alternate plan (Johnny Grabowski): Due to COVID-19,
Parkview Mirro Center is not holding any events at this time. Sweetwater is not an option either. Those
present determined we wouldn't schedule anything in January. Those present decided to look into
availability for Franke Pavilion #1 for March. Amy will check for pavilion availability for a casual event.

● Activities Calendar overview planning: Johnny would like to create a calendar of events

4. Officer Reports
Jennifer Altherr, Secretary (not present)
● October minutes passed earlier in the meeting

John Grabowski, President
● No further items to introduce beyond Additional Items of Interest just discussed.

Amy Copeland, Treasurer
● General fund balance: $xxxxxxxx
● Franke balance: $xxxxxx
● Cyclocross balance: $xxxxxx
● Racing balance: $xxxxxx
● Jr Racing (NICA) balance: $xxxxxx
● Total balance: $xxxxxx
○ Income: Membership, race kit, NEIC Jr race jerseys, NEIC Jr race team fundraiser and grant
○ Expanses: 20' storage container for Franke Park placement ($2,216.76 EFT), Jersey Ride supplies.

Kent Ellis, Membership
● Not present

Andrea Egeland, Social Media
● Continued work on website

Scott Tomsits, Newsletter
● Not present
● November Newsletter was sent

Publicity, Pamela Fennell
● No new publicity topics to report

Shane Powell, Touring
● Proposal to make Trek the Trails an official club ride (pending approval by Trek the Trails)
● Proposal for Mona to be a designated trails leader/ambassador for Trek the Trails and other slow roll type of
downtown rides. The role would be under the Touring Director. Proposal to cover Mona's club membership
fee for next 2 years since her role wouldn't be as a club officer. Angie Quinn said the City of Fort Wayne is
the primary organizer for Trek the Trails, and Fort Wayne Trails is their partner. Angie supports the proposal
to strengthen the relationship with the club. A reason that Shane would like Trek the Trails to be a club ride
is the liability insurance for the Trek the Trails rides. Amy proposed putting the new position in the by-laws.
Shane foresees the role eventually becoming a club officer role. Mona would create a schedule of slow roll
rides for the club. Those present agreed with Shane's proposal to create the position and for Mona to fulfill it.
● Show ‘n’ Go Update: Steve Souers has agreed to host and post rides for the season.
Randy Rozewicz, Off-Road
● The storage container will be delivered next Tuesday. Randy is working with the Parks Department to
prepare the site. Randy is looking into getting the container painted.
Dave McComb, Racing
● The kids' race season was a success. Congratulations to Ray on his new business venture.

4. Additional Items of Interest
● Festival Tour 2021 update (Mona Will): We are making it a 3 day event.
○ Friday July 9th - Fort Wayne Trails/City ride (free registration) in partnership with Fort Wayne Trails
○ Saturday July 10th - Gravel ride out of Columbia City YMCA.
○ Sunday July 11th - Road ride from Sweetwater Performance Pavilion.
● The committee is looking at a discount for signing up for both Saturday and Sunday rides.

5. Good of the Order
● Shane - When do we need to determine awards and order them? Patrick - It takes 4-5 wks for awards to
arrive once they are ordered. September Touring Challenge, Triple Century Awards, Racing Awards, and
any other awards the officers determine.
● Jennifer/Amy/Pamela - Working with Marcus from Summit to possibly have a tire changing clinic in place of
the February City Tour

6. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned. 8:55 PM
Minutes by Johnny Grabowski
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