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January 2021 club meeting minutes
« on: February 04, 2021, 02:16:59 PM »
3RVS Meeting Minutes - January 2021

    Virtual meeting held via Zoom

    Officers present include John Grabowski, Jennifer Altherr, Dave McComb, Amy Copeland, Andrea Egeland, Shane Powell, Pamela Fennell, Kent Ellis, Scott Tomsits, Rick Bokern, Randy Rozewicz
    Welcome extended to all in attendance including Roianne Smolinski, Ed Lines, Patrick Stelte, Mona Will, Heath Hurst, Ryan Bauer
    Call to Order at 7:30PM by Johnny Grabowski
    Passage of Minutes with noted corrections
    Officer Reports
        Presidentís Report - Johnny Grabowski:
            Annual Officer Elections
                Due to Kent Ellis resignation for Membership chair and Rick Bokern accepting a nomination for the role with no contest, Rick Bokern will now fulfill the role.
                John asked if anyone would like to nominate anyone for any position. No nominations. All agreed to maintain current officers.
            Johnny nominated Amy Copeland for Vice-President. Amy accepted. All agreed.
            Club Brand Refresh - Johnny started a conversation with Coleman Gieger, who agreed to do design work free of charge. He is a trained designer. The direction is to support all types of bike riding and use club colors. Coleman will create ideas, and Johnny will form a committee. Club colors are per the 3RVS constitution, so any change there would require passage of an amendment. There is demand for club kits and Andrea needs the new logo for the new website.
        Treasurer - Amy Copeland
            Membership renewals for December went well and will be reflected in next month's statement.
            Amy expects to get information on the 501(c)(3) filing by the end of January. 
            This year's expenses were higher than normal, with the annual party being the most expensive ever. 
            Amy will investigate League of American Cyclist insurance coverage and compare it to our current club insurance.
            Shane purchased materials for and built shelving for the new storage unit. $563.48 reimbursement approved by all.
               Expenses: $110.10
        Membership - Kent Ellis
            225 memberships, 306 adults. 
            Drawings for prizes
                Renewing membership by January 1:  Mike Lubbehusen will receive a no cost membership next year
                Chilly Challenge Winners Drawn
                    Fred Bailey
                    John Krueger
                    Julie Wolfe
                    James Snyder
                    Victoria Kruse
        Social Media - Andrea Egeland:  N/A
        Newsletter - Scott Tomsits
            No newsletter for January. Will likely put out a newsletter for February.
        Publicity - Pamela Fennell: N/A
        Touring - Shane Powell
             Zwift and Show 'n Go rides are being held.
        Off-Road - Randy Rozewicz
            Storage container - Thank-you to Shane and Andrea for helping with storage container shelves. We are ready to move items from the storage unit rental into the storage container. Randy will ask the Parks Department for gravel leading up to the storage container. 
            There has been unauthorized work on the Playground trail at Franke. Unauthorized work must stop.
            Randy will meet with Dave McComb about the cyclocross course.
        Racing - Dave McComb
            Dave is selling 2 ounce Gu type containers of honey. or contact Dave.
            Amy will meet with Dave about the youth mountain bike expense reimbursement requests. They want to lease a trailer.
            Dave will look into purchasing a tent for use at race events. 
    Additional Items of Interest
        Shane Powell - Since we are pursuing 501(c)(3) status, Shane proposed that we create a marketing strategy for potential corporate donor partners. Shane wants to create a committee to develop this strategy and work to take advantage of the 501(c)(3) status. Some ideas include promoting how club membership benefits donor company employees, club memberships for employees of companies that donate a certain amount. Suggestions for how 3RVS would utilize donor funds include sponsoring a Fort Wayne Trails trailhead, improving Franke Park trails, assisting Heart of the City, and support for our youth mountain bike league. Amy, Dave and Andrea are interested in joining the committee.
        Kent Ellis - Suggests the club focus on membership communication without relying solely on Facebook and/or bulk email. Dave suggests exploring a text notification service.
        Steve Pequignot - Annual club award follow up from last month - Steve was able to get 10% discount extended to January 31, 2021. Club officers need to send applicable award information to Steve as soon as possible.
        Mona Will
            Chilly Challenge - Thanks to all that helped and participated to execute Chilly Challenge as a virtual event this year. We had 22 participants.
            Festival Tour Update - There will be three bicycle events
                Friday July 9 will be an enhanced City Tour
                Saturday July 10 will be a gravel ride
                Sunday July 11 will be a road ride
                There will be discounts for early bird sign ups, as well as for signing up for both Saturday and Sunday events. City Tour is only for registered riders.
                Roianne has volunteered to be a volunteer coordinator. We will need many volunteers to have a successful multi-day event.
            Proposal for the club to sponsor the new Becketts Run trail. There is no cost to sponsor a trail section. It is a two year commitment, with a minimum of cleaning up that section of the trail three times a year. All approved the proposal. 
            Patrick Stelte - For February and March the meetings are scheduled in the library meeting room A. If they get cancelled Patrick will let us know.
            Rick Bokern -  Will 3RVS have a presence at the Trek the Trails rides for membership opportunities? Mona indicates she will be at every Trek the Trail ride and will be the club's liaison.
            Patrick Stelte - Will request a plaque for Kent Ellis for his service as a club officer. 
    Good of the Order

        Meeting adjourned at 8:45PM