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March 2021 club meeting minutes
« on: March 26, 2021, 03:44:36 PM »
3RVS Meeting Minutes - March 2021
● Call to Order at 6:32PM by Johnny Grabowski
● Officers present included Johnny Grabowski, Amy Copeland, Rick Bokern, Dave McComb, Andrea Egeland,
Scott Tomsits, and Pamela Fennell
● Also in attendance were Shane Powell, Marty & Roiann Smolinski, Ray Vasquez and Wife, Michael Souers,
Mona Will, Patrick Stelte, Phil Snider, Jack Campbell
● Passage of February Meeting Minutes
● Officer Reports
○ President’s Report - Johnny Grabowski:
■ Club Brand Refresh - New logo design concepts have been narrowed to 6 designs.
Johnny will distribute to officers and other select members to get votes toward selection of
the final design concept, which will be fine-tuned and used as the basis for an overall
3RVS brand refresh.
■ Mirro Center contacted Johnny that 3RVS has the right of first refusal for January 8, 2022
for next year’s 3RVS Awards Banquet. It has not been reserved as of yet. Johnny asked
for input on whether to secure the reservation - if we reserve and cancel, then we will be
charged. Amy brought up the higher costs for the event having been at the Mirro Center
and the reduced revenue 3RVS experienced in 2020. Johnny decided that he would just
■ Spring Awards Banquet event to replace canceled January event - are officers still in
agreement that we should put together an awards banquet at Franke Park? Need
someone to check availability so that we can schedule dates. Amy will check on
■ Touring Director - Shane has resigned from the Touring Director position. Johnny accepted
Shane’s resignation and thanked him for his service and willingness to help until the
position is filled. Per the 3RVS constitution, the open Touring Director position will be
announced in the next newsletter. Shane had reached out to Michael Souers to see if he
would be interested. Michael introduced himself and his history with the club. His
background is more tied to racing, but he would be willing to take the position on if there is
no one else interested. Johnny assumed the Touring Director responsibilities, and
appointed Michael Souers to assume those responsibilities in the interim, until the club
can complete the process for electing a new Touring Director.
Treasurer - Amy Copeland
■ 501(c)(3) filing is still in queue for IRS review / approval
■ Lease agreement for Youth MTB Team to lease trailer from Ray Vasquez is complete and
■ Amy is in a discussion with the insurance agent to review the club’s insurance coverage
and make sure it addresses current needs.
■ Financial Report: Income included new memberships. Expenses were related to Jr Racing
trailer lease, acquiring bikes, and MISCA registration.

○ Membership - Rick Bokern
■ 183 current members (80 individual memberships / 49 family memberships)
■ Keeping 2020 members on roster through Awards Banquet in Spring (102 members who
have not renewed yet for 2021)
■ Memberships are coming in online and in mail.
■ NICA also has 6 memberships
○ Social Media - Andrea Egeland:
■ 3RVS email addresses for all Officer positions have been created. Andrea emailed and
handed out hard copy instructions for accessing the accounts, and advised everyone to
check their junk mail folders.
○ Newsletter - Scott Tomsits (not present)
■ Johnny will submit article to be sent out in mid-March newsletter
○ Publicity - Pamela Fennell: N/A
○ Touring
■ Touring season start date / schedule: TBA. Shane is willing to put together a schedule for
the next 2 months, and Michael Souers offered to assist in the interim.
■ Weeknight Rides: we need commitments from weekday ride leaders regarding what
weekday rides they are planning to lead regularly. Deb Watts has stated that she will
continue the Tuesday Kreager ride. Per Andrea, all Weekday Rides we currently have
commitments for are listed on the 3RVS website.
■ Ride Leaders: we need to secure ride leaders for the 2021 season. Shane will talk with
past ride leaders to find any that may still be interested in returning as ride leaders.
■ Shane offered to get Michael the Ride with GPS account information, so maps can be
made available.
○ Off-Road - Randy Rozewicz (not present)
○ Racing - Dave McComb
■ Passing of John Joseph last week was noted. It was a sad loss. He was a huge supporter
■ NEIC is progressing.
■ The Jr racing team is working toward hosting a youth-only race to be held at Franke Park
in September.
■ Jake told Patrick that Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation does not want to allow camping at
Franke for the race. Patrick is going to try to work with the Parks Department to get a
camping solution.
■ Johnny requested a newsletter article about the youth bike league’s progress.
■ Dave has decided not to host the State Road Race this year. He wants to wait to see how
things work out this year.
● Additional Items of Interest
○ Festival Tour - Mona Will
■ Rack card design is complete. Being sent off to the printer.
■ Registration is open with some already signed up.
■ Roiann is the volunteer coordinator. Some volunteers already signed up, but more
volunteers are needed
■ Festival Tour logo complete
■ Jersey design has been presented
■ Registrants will receive regular updates via electronic newsletter
■ Discounts will be given to other bicycle clubs who sign up with groups of 5 or more.
● Good of the Order
○ Ride RMHC is not being held this year (2021).
○ Chili Challenge 2022 - Mona Will - no venue has been reserved yet. Time to move from previous
location? Members suggested Franke Park. Shoaff Park is another option.

● Adjournment
○ Meeting adjourned at 7:55PM
Minutes taken by Roiann Smolinski