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May 2021 Club Meeting Minutes
« on: June 03, 2021, 03:18:02 PM »
May 6, 2021
1. Call to Order
● Meeting called to order 7:30 PM by Amy Copeland
● Officers present include Jennifer Altherr, Dave McComb, Amy Copeland, Scott Tomsits, Randy Rozewicz,
Andrea Egeland, Rick Bokern, Michael Souers,
● Welcome extended to all in attendance including Mona Will, Jack Campbell, Ed Lines, Patrick Stelte,
Shane Powell, Raymon Vasquez, Valerie Vasquez
2. Passage of Minutes
● Bypass the passage of April meeting minutes. They will be included with next month's minutes for
3. Officer Reports
Jennifer Altherr, Secretary
● Discussion of April minutes earlier in the meeting.
John Grabowski, President (Amy Copeland in John's absence)
● Received a thank-you from Fort Wayne Trek the Trails for contribution
Amy Copeland, Treasurer
○ Revenues include memberships, festival tour registration, NEIC registration, banquet
guest fees
○ Expenditures include festival rack card printing, Franke maintenance supplies, League of
American cyclists renewal, annual award banquet supplies
● IRS 501c3 club application is still pending
Michael Souers, Touring
● Working on New Haven and Carroll routes due to pending/current road construction
● There was an incident on the Tuesday Kreager ride
Dave McComb, Racing
● Raymon Vasquez: NEIC: There are about 50 youth riders currently. Season starts in June and they
will participate in the Winona race.
● Cyclocross trail will be set at Derby Hill
Randy Rozewicz, Off-Road
● Parks Department had discussion with 4-wheeler/ATV riders at Franke. If trail users spot ATVs on
the trails they can call the police.
● Currently there are no power options for the storage unit at Franke
● Talking with Joe Bartels about painting the storage unit
● Trails are in good shape
Publicity, Pamela Fennell (absent)
Rick Bokern, Membership
● 272 memberships
● 312 adults
Scott Tomsits, Newsletter
● Contact Scott with any newsletter submissions you may have
● Amy will send Scott articles about her GAP/C&O tour
Andrea Egeland, Webmaster
● Website update requests have a 72+ hour TAT
4. Additional Items of Interest
● Club new logo / branding refresh - Logo sheets were distributed. 3RVS Racing logo discussed as
possibility for new 3RVS logo. No decision reached.
● Patrick: Festival Tour jersey order needs to be placed for the total orders by the club no later than
June 1. There will be no extra jerseys purchased by the club to sell, as the jerseys are being sold
by pre-orders.
● Mona: Festival Tour registrations received so far - Friday Trail Tour: 1, Saturday Gravel Tour: 13,
Sunday Road Tour: 46. Jersey orders: 1
● Mona: Trek the Trails ambassador - Mona is wearing 3RVS jersey, assisting with leading the rides,
and referring interesting parties to the club
● Mona: Amy Hartzog approached Mona about Fort Wayne holding the Open Streets event on
Sunday, August 29. Amy was asking if 3RVS would participate in some way. Mona asked for a
small committee to meet and discuss what the club may wish to offer.
5. Good of the Order
● Patrick: Current library hours will continue for the foreseeable future. Amy proposed: As a result,
club meetings will be 6:30PM for the foreseeable future. All in attendance approved.
● Patrick: June 5 Fort 4 Fitness ambassadors are needed. Contact Patrick to sign up.
Meeting at library adjourned. 7:50 PM