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July 2021 club meeting minutes
« on: July 16, 2021, 06:31:54 PM »
July 1, 2021
1. Call to Order
● Meeting called to order 6:38 PM by John Grabowski
● Officers present include John Grabowski, Amy Copeland, Rick Bokern, Michael Souers, Scott Tomsits
● Welcome extended to all in attendance including Jack Campbell, Patrick Stelte, Joe Bartels, Mona Will
2. Passage of Minutes
● Insufficient officers present at start of meeting to pass minutes.
3. Officer Reports
Jennifer Altherr, Secretary (not present)
John Grabowski, President
● New Logo / rebranding project - no new update at this time
Amy Copeland, Treasurer
○ Revenues include membership dues, Festival Tour registrations, Festival Tour jersey
purchases, NEIC sponsorships
○ Expenditures include Festival Tour jersey deposit and final payment, Festival Tour swag,
Festival Tour insurance, NEIC first aid supplies, NEIC trailer wrap, Festival Tour Loon
Lake port-o-potty rental.
● 3RVS’ application for 501(c)(3) status is still pending with the IRS, was not in process, but now
supposed to be done within 45 days per Amy
● Need better defined process for approval and processing of NEIC reimbursements. Joe Bartels and
Michael Souers to work with Ray Vasquez on improving process
Rick Bokern, Membership
● 112 family / 154 individual memberships for 266 total
● 367 adults
Michael Souers, Touring
● Michael is very excited to see the explosion of interest and participation happening with NEIC - he
feels it is deserving of 3RVS’ support in the interest of developing future cyclists / 3RVS
● Michael proposed future meeting agenda item of discussing possibility of adding NEIC Director
position to help support NEIC
● Michael asked whether 3RVS performs any regular SWOT analysis or similar analysis of strengths,
weaknesses, opportunities, threats? Thinks it would be helpful for 3RVS to do something like that
annually to more formally determine how the club is fulfilling its mission.
● Wednesday night Arcola ride being added to schedule
● Thursday night Short & Sweet added to schedule
● Shane asked whether 3RVS wants to take over his RideWithGPS account, as all 3RVS courses
currently reside there. John to add topic to future meeting agenda.
Dave McComb, Racing (not present)
Randy Rozewicz, Off-Road (not present)
● Patrick brought up need for adding another person with storage container access in case Randy is
not available. Container has a lock, and it is inside a locked fence. Currently only 1 set of keys.
Pamela Fennell, Publicity (not present)
Scott Tomsits, Newsletter
● Awaiting newsletter articles
Andrea Egeland, Webmaster (not present)
● Some officers interested in whether they can be provided access to update the Google Calendar
for the 3RVS ride schedule.
4. Additional Items of Interest
Festival Tour update - Mona Will
● Still working to fill remaining Festival Tour volunteer slots
● Pre-registrations still ahead of 2019
● All other plans and preparations in place for this unprecedented 3-day event
5. Good of the Order
Open Streets Fort Wayne
● Open Streets Fort Wayne will take place on Aug 29
● Includes a bike decorating station and bike parade
● Mona seeking 4-5 volunteers
Meeting adjourned at 7:57 PM
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