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August 2021 Club Meeting Minutes
« on: October 07, 2021, 09:24:25 PM »
August 6, 2021

1. Call to Order
● Meeting called to order 6:32 PM by Johnny Grabowski
● Officers present include Johnny Grabowski, Jennifer Altherr, Dave McComb, Amy Copeland, Randy
Rozewicz, Andrea Egeland, Rick Bokern, Michael Souers
● Welcome extended to all in attendance including Jack Campbell, Raymon Vasquez, Valerie Vasquez,
Mona Will, Rich Swihart, Joe Bartels, Randy Wolf
2. Passage of Minutes
● June and July meeting minutes passed.
3. Officer Reports
Jennifer Altherr, Secretary
John Grabowski, President
● Club officers - Please try to be at the meetings. If you can't attend please send Johnny your report.
● Ride leaders - Johnny has heard about a few accidents on club rides but hasn't seen the incident reports.
Please get the incident reports filled out and turned in to avoid delays.
● Pamela is resigning from the Publicity Director position. We'll post the opening. If you know someone
who may be interested let Johnny know.
● Johnny distributed a proposed Code of Conduct draft for discussion. Discussion included simplifying /
shortening the draft. Johnny will revise the draft and bring it back for future discussion.
● Youth Development Director discussion - Michael Souers proposed the possibility of creating a new
position to not only be a liaison between the kids mountain bike racers, but also to reach kids through
other avenues such as Open Streets and other kid-centric cycling initiatives.
○ Discussion about following NICA guidelines such as background checks for adult leaders,
parents being present during activities, etc.
○ Those present agreed to explore the subject further in future meetings
○ A written role definition and guidelines will need to be created
● Discussion on whether to include Zwift virtual rides in the September Touring Challenge. Those present
voted to include Zwift miles in the September challenge. Michael said that Steve Pequignot had
volunteered to track, compile, and post September Touring Challenge data and results.
● Jersey Ride Date Discussion. Possible date of September 26 at Franke Park?
● Ride with GPS 3RVS Club account discussion - Decision to keep the routes on Shane's personal account
until a solution is identified to move the routes so we don't lose them.
Amy Copeland, Treasurer

○ Revenues include memberships, NEIC registrations, Festival Tour registrations, Festival Tour
clothing, NEIC sponsorship
○ Expenditures include Festival Tour rack card printing, map printing, volunteer refund, signage,
ice cream, SAG supplies, pavilion rental, Party Apart inflatable start/finish rental; NEIC
Zoolander event race awards and race bibs; PO box renewal, and annual renewal of medical

● IRS 501c3 club application is still pending
● Festival Tour budget discussion - Amy distributed club reimbursement guidelines and a Constitutional
excerpt Article 5.0 Expenditures. These are existing guidelines and will be followed.
○ Michael brought up a $1600 NICA expense for a custom canopy - Those present voted to
approve the expense.
Michael Souers, Touring
● n/a
Dave McComb, Racing
● New kits are being shipped
● New team members
● CX start is being identified - Dave is working with Team Neighborlink
● Time Trials August 24 at Lincoln Highway
● Incident report filled out and sent in
Randy Rozewicz, Off-Road
● Continuing to receive positive comments about the Franke Park trails
● Randy is looking to have a discussion with Team Neighborlink about some trail building concerns -
Potential issue with the MOU between 3RVS and Parks Department about unauthorized trail building
Pamela Fennell, Publicity
● n/a
Rick Bokern, Membership
● 275 memberships
● 376 adults
Scott Tomsits, Newsletter (absent)
● Johnny reminded everyone to do their best to get newsletter articles to Scott on time
Andrea Egeland, Webmaster
● We have lost some club discounts - Outfitters has dropped the club discount due to club membership
behavior in the shop. No discount discussion has been put in place with Trek Fort Wayne (formerly
Summit City).
● Yesterday Andrea had to shut down a Facebook conversation due to inappropriate comments.
4. Additional Items of Interest
● n/a
5. Good of the Order
● n/a
Meeting at the library adjourned.