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October 2021 club meeting minutes
« on: November 02, 2021, 09:30:41 PM »
October 7, 2021
1. Call to Order
● Meeting called to order 6:35 PM by Johnny Grabowski
● Officers present include Jennifer Altherr, Dave McComb, Amy Copeland, Rick Bokern, Scott Tomsits,
Johnny Grabowski
● Welcome extended to all in attendance including Valerie Vasquez, Ray Vasquez, Rich Swihart, Patrick
2. Passage of Minutes
● Prior month's meeting minutes passed earlier in the meeting.
3. Officer Reports
Jennifer Altherr, Secretary
John Grabowski, President
● n/a
Amy Copeland, Treasurer
○ Revenues included memberships, NEIC registrations, NEIC Zoolander sponsorship, XC practice
fees, bank cancelled check
○ Expenditures included pavilion rental for Jersey Ride, website hosting, fee to amend 3RVS
Articles of Incorporation, online filing fee, NEIC bike helmet purchase, reissue of a check, NEIC
Zoolander USAC race fees, NEIC web domain and hosting
● Articles of Incorporation to become a non-profit organization: In progress
● Andrea transferred the Ride With GPS account to the club - $80/annually auto-renewal
● 3RVS membership registration changing from Red Podium to
Michael Souers, Touring (Presented by Johnny in Michael's absence)
● Jersey ride October 16 - Need volunteers to help serve food
● Touring schedule wrapping up at end of October, after which Show ‘n’ Go weekend rides will be
coordinated and promoted by Steve Souers
Dave McComb, Racing
● Time Trial had participation of 8 riders
● Cyclocross (CX) going well
● Todd Andersen won the Barry Rubaix race for his age group
● NEIC (Valerie Vasquez) - Shared documentation of NEIC usage of Outride grant funds
Randy Rozewicz, Off-Road (absent)
● n/a
TBD, Publicity
● n/a
Rick Bokern, Membership
● 286 memberships
● 391 adults
Scott Tomsits, Newsletter
● Newsletter was distributed
Andrea Epple, Webmaster (Johnny presented in Andrea's absence)
● Ride Leaders - please forward to Andrea any updates to the ride calendar, such as rides that have ended
for the year.
4. Additional Items of Interest
● Amy & Johnny - Monthly 3RVS board meetings will begin at 6:30PM until further notice, as ongoing
library hours are not firm.
● Rick - A club member living in Colorado wants to organize a vintage bicycle event at the ACD museum
the week before Labor Day 2022. The event would include a short bike ride. Website:
● Amy - Fantasy of Lights Ride organizers contacted Amy asking if we want to have a bike night again. Last
year they charged $5/bike and participants paid their own entry fee, but in prior years, 3RVS was offered
a “bus rate” which was a lower price. Phil is planning a Holiday Lights ride on Thursday December 16.
Amy will talk to Fantasy of Lights Ride organizers to see what they are willing to offer.
● Amy and Jennifer - Funding request for October 30 Fall Foliage local destination ride
○ Request for $75 for cider and donuts.
○ Request approved for not to exceed $150 approved by those present.
● Patrick - Holiday party for this year?
○ Discussion about using Franke pavillion again.
○ Discussion on whether to have it around the holidays or in the spring.
● Patrick - Attended planning meeting for Festival Tour, including renaming/rebranding.
○ Ride scheduled for weekend of July 23-24, 2022
○ Planning for 3-day event similar to 2021, with road ride, gravel ride, and greenway ride
○ Road ride planned for Saturday (was previously Sunday) and Gravel ride planned for Sunday
(was previously Saturday).
○ Re-branding to disassociate from the Three Rivers Festival, which will allow date flexibility and
can better represent the event. New name not finalized yet.
○ Considering a “challenge” format with medallion instead of swag. Medallions for completing the
century route, for example. Several board members suggested making sure that challenges are
designed to be inclusive to all riders’ individual achievements.
○ Discussion about whether to offer t-shirts. Dave McComb knows a vendor that can print t-shirts
○ Goals are to reduce large expenses that didn’t seem to have an impact (e.g. swag water bottles
and cages) and increase participation
5. Good of the Order
● n/a
Meeting at the library adjourned at 7:51PM