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November 2021 club meeting minutes
« on: November 26, 2021, 09:51:04 PM »
November 4, 2021
1. Call to Order
● Meeting called to order 6:32 PM by Amy Copeland
● Officers present include Jennifer Altherr, Dave McComb, Amy Copeland, Andrea Epple, Michael Souers,
Randy Rozewicz, Scott Tomsits
● Welcome extended to all in attendance including Valerie Vasquez, Ray Vasquez, Rich Swihart, Patrick
Stelte, Phil Snider, Randy Wolf, Mona Will
2. Passage of Minutes
● Prior month's meeting minutes passed earlier in the meeting.
3. Officer Reports
Jennifer Altherr, Secretary
John Grabowski, President (absent)
● n/a
Amy Copeland, Treasurer

○ Revenues include memberships, CX practice donations, clothing sales, Zoolander registration
○ Expenditures include Festival Tour pavilion rental, touring map printing, jersey ride food, Ride
with GPS club account, Cider ride food, CX stakes

● Other:
○ Recap of the Jersey ride - Good turnout, positive reviews. $270.34 expenses.
○ Cider and Cemetery ride was last Saturday $56.09 expenses
○ $80 has been prepaid for Ride With GPS account for the year and Shane was reimbursed
○ 501(c)(3) has been approved. Membership fees are not tax deductible. State tax exemption has
been filed and waiting for ST105 certificate.
Michael Souers, Touring
● Show 'n Go rides beginning
● Michael will put together a Hops n Swaps meet at 2TOMS - Participants will be able to sell any type of
bike-related items. Michael will share more later.
Dave McComb, Racing
● Last time trial had a good turn-out
● Dave wants new safety signage for the time trial for next year
● CX season has ended and went well
Randy Rozewicz, Off-Road
● Working with Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation on the Franke Park MOU renewal. Randy is asking for
reciprocity to be added to the MOU to protect 3RVS.
● Talking with Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation about creating a sitting area with picnic tables behind the
Franke kiosk. Also discussing the creation of a skills area on the right side of the kiosk.
● Talking about adding safety signage at Franke
TBD, Publicity
● n/a
Rick Bokern, Membership (absent)
● 288 memberships
● 393 adults
Scott Tomsits, Newsletter
● Newsletter was distributed today
Andrea Epple, Webmaster
● Working on moving email host to Gmail for the club
4. Additional Items of Interest
● Amy: If you, or someone you know is interested in running for Treasurer position for 2022, please contact
Amy. Amy will mentor the new Treasurer through the process.
● Amy: Annual Awards Banquet - Sunday March 27 at Franke Pavilion 1. Those present approved funds to
reserve the venue, the date and the location.
● Mona: Shoaff Park River Lodge will be the location for the Chilly Challenge event.
○ Mona needs volunteers to help with food. Please contact Mona if you can help.
■ $200 budget approved by those present.
○ Mass start will be 1PM.
○ The event will not be in the printed Fun Times publication, but will be in the digital version.
● Mona: Bicycle Indiana Resource Guide donation request - $120 requested to fulfill obligation to pay
Bicycle Indiana $1/person for Festival Tour participants. Those present approved.
● Amy: Christmas Lights Ride - Thurs December 16, 6:00PM at Lawton Park
○ Blue Jacket did not agree to a flat fee. They are willing to charge $2/rider. Decision by those
present to approve Blue Jacket invoicing the club, with a $150 budget. If the invoice is higher,
then it will be discussed at the subsequent club meeting.
○ Discussion about tailgating at the old Diehm museum parking lot for cookies and hot cocoa.
○ Amy will talk with Blue Jacket on an inclement weather date of Tuesday, December 21
○ Jr MTB NEIC will cover the tailgating food and supplies out of their fund
○ Amy briefly shared her idea of a public and club fundraiser Christmas Lights ride for 2022
5. Good of the Order
● n/a
Meeting at the library adjourned at 7:31PM