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January 2022 club meeting minutes
« on: January 14, 2022, 06:15:29 PM »
January 6, 2022

1. Call to Order
●   Meeting called to order 6:30 PM by John Grabowski
●   Officers present include John Grabowski, Amy Copeland, Rick Bokern, Randy Rozewicz, Scott Tomsits, Andrea Epple, and Dave McComb
●   Welcome extended to all in attendance including Valerie Vasquez, Ray Vasquez, Kyra Vasquez, Patrick Stelte, Mona Will, Randy Wolfe, and Charles Copeland
2. Passage of Minutes
●   December meeting minutes approved.
3. Officer Reports

Jennifer Altherr, Secretary (absent)
John Grabowski, President
●   n/a
Amy Copeland, Treasurer
○   Revenues include memberships, 501(c)(3) donations received via Facebook, clothing sales
○   Expenditures include Christmas Lights Ride admission and tailgating refreshments, Chilly Challenge supplemental insurance premium, and Trailblazer end of year party.
●   Other:
○   Facebook Giving Tuesday drive - $350 direct deposit received, with additional $120 due to arrive mid-January 2022 for total of $470 in funds received related to Giving Tuesday campaign.
○   P.O. Box renewed through July 31, 2022.
○   2021 Indiana State Tax filing completed. Federal site not yet open for filing.
○   64 total riders participated in Christmas Lights Ride - largest ever. Blue Jacket thanked 3RVS for ease of execution this year
Rick Bokern, Membership
●   2022 Current Membership - 75
●   2021 members not yet renewed - 216
Scott Tomsits, Newsletter
●   No January Newsletter sent - instead, an email about the January meeting / Officer elections was sent to all 3RVS members
Michael Souers, Touring (absent)
●   N/A

Randy Rozewicz, Off-Road
●   Franke Park MOU renewal with Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation completed and signed. New agreement is effective January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2024.
●   Trail maintenance ongoing. Improvements in process at the skills course
●   Some basic trail signage is being implemented
Dave McComb, Racing
●   Added one person to team - Angel Campos
Andrea Epple, Social Media
●   Continued work on 3RVS website redesign
4. Additional Items of Interest
●   Amy: request to approve funds for ordering awards for upcoming Annual Awards Banquet. Motion passed to approve up to $500 for the ordering of awards.
●   Mona: Chili Challenge recap
○   38 attendees
○   Donations totaling $35 received
○   Expenses were $61.89
○   Sold 1 jersey, 2 water bottles, 1 pair of socks
○   Discussion about re-route that included Coliseum Blvd
○   New start/finish location was good, Mona would like to schedule 2023 event at the same location
●   Mona & Patrick: Summit City Cycling Challenge (formerly Festival Tour) update
○   “Save the Date” business cards printed. These will be used in place of rack cards, which will not be printed/used in 2022 as an expense reduction measure.
○   Looking for someone to maintain and monitor Facebook page and respond quickly as needed.
5. Officer Elections
●   Officer Nominations already received
○   Amy Copeland nominated for President
○   Rick Bokern nominated for Membership Director
○   Randy Rozewicz nominated for Off-Road Director
○   Andrea Eple nominated for Social Media Director
●   Additional Officer Nominations
○   Scott Tomsits nominated for Touring Director
○   Dave McComb nominated for Race Director
○   Mona Will nominated for Publicity Director
○   Patrick Stelte nominated for Secretary
○   Valerie Vasquez nominated for Treasurer
○   One remaining Officer position (Newsletter) - no nomination
●   Since no more than one person nominated per post, all were appointed to their respective posts (and no election vote necessary).
●   Thank you to all who served as officers in 2021, and congratulations and thank you in advance to all 2022 officers.
5.  Good of the Order
●   Scott: Trek Fort Wayne: Scott stopped by Trek Fort Wayne and spoke to Marcus about potential of reviving 3RVS partnership with the shop. Marcus is open to discussing, but wants 3RVS to understand that the shop does have to work through Trek corporate parameters / procedures. Amy volunteered to schedule a meeting with Marcus to discuss.
Meeting adjourned at 7:25PM