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February 2022 club meeting minutes
« on: February 28, 2022, 09:28:48 PM »
February 3, 2022
1. Call to Order
Meeting called to order 7:34 PM by Amy Copeland
Officers present include Rick Bokern, Valerie Vasquez, Andrea Epple, Patrick Stelte, Dave
McComb, Mona Will, Scott Tomsits, and Randy Rozewicz.
Welcome extended to all in attendance Charlie Copeland, Phil Snider, and Michael Souers.

2. Passage of Minutes
Passage of January meeting minutes

3. Officer Reports

Presidents Report – Amy Copeland
Amy reported on Officer’s Retreat held Sunday, January 30th. Dave, Rick, Patrick and Andrea
attended with Scott arriving later. A 2022 club calendar was discussed and filled in with all
relevant events and dates given a tentative starting date. Highlights include club party on
Sunday, March 27th @ Franke pavilion #1, opening weekend ride schedule for Saturday, April
30th, Summit City Cycling Challenge (Formerly Festival Tour) on July 22-24th, Labor Day Triple
Century Challenge September 3-5th, Jersey Ride on Saturday, September 24th, Christmas Lights
Ride on Sunday, December 18th; as well as September Touring Challenge, Fort 4 Fitness, Time
Trial Series, weekly rides, cyclocross practice, NEIC races on July 31st (Winnoa Lake) and
August 14th (Zoolander at Franke), 2023 Chilly Challenge and 2023 Annual Banquet on January
6, 7, or 8 (TBD).

Treasurer’s Report – Valerie Vasquez
 Expenditures include USPS P.O. Box 6-month renewal,
Chilly Challenge and Summit City Cycling Challenging; Income includes
Membership, Chilly Challenge, Facebook Giving Tuesday donations.

Touring Report – Scott Tomsits
Opening Weekend Ride Schedule is Saturday, April 30th. Location TBD. Zwift League for
3RVS is being organized.

Racing Report – Dave McComb
No report.

Off-Road - Randy Rozewicz
Randy attended a meeting with Parks Department personnel on January 18th along with other
interested parties to discuss the future plans for Franke Park. This year, an entry off Goshen will
begin construction with completion, hopefully, by the end of the year. Design Collaborative has
been hired to do the Franke Master Plan design work starting in 2023.

Publicity – Mona Will
No report.
Membership – Rick Bokern
Total Memberships 106; total adults 142
Family 35 (71 adults)
Individual 71
13 memberships added in January.

Newsletter – Scott Tomsits No report.

Social Media – Andrea Epple
E-mail hosting moved to Google Workspace. Chilly Challenge and Summit City Cycling
Challenge accounts also moved to Google Workspace. Biggest challenge moving forward is to
tie 3RVS events to new Three Rivers Velo Sport, Inc. Facebook page (non-profit) under events tab. Publicity on Facebook for club events will occur on this page under events tab. The non-
profit status of the club needs to keep all events together.

4. Other Business

- 2022 NEIC budget is estimated at $14,308. Expenditures of $11,185 include t-shirts, race
plates, cookout, End of Year party, trailer maintenance, TeamSnap, re-stock first aid, Zoolander
and Cherry Creek races, fuel costs, MiSCA coach trainer certification. Income of 14,308
includes NEIC registrations and race registrations; as well as sponsorships. - Move to approve funds for 2022 Jersey Ride on September 24th

- Christmas Lights Ride set for December 18th

- Fantasy of Lights Blue Jacket partnership. Special Bike Rider Night by Blue Jacket with
$3000 sponsorship (Blue Jacket finds money) of which the club will receive 70 %, Blue Jacket
30%. 3RVS picks up the cost to hold the ride and collect the ticket sales. This is considered to
be a fundraising event for the club and is directly a result of non-profit status. The date of the
ride is December 15th.

- Classic Bicycle Auburn proposed partnership on August 26-28th. Event organizer approached
Amy about helping with organizing the touring day. Details from organizer are loose at time and
there is no certainty that 3RVS will commit. However, Michael Souers has volunteered to work
with organizer about 3RVS participation.

- Andrea Epple was nominated and accepted as 3RVS Vice-President.

5. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned. 8:00 PM
Minutes by Secretary Patrick Stelte