RAIN 2016

written by Amy Copeland - August 2016

After yesterdays RAIN ride I could not be more proud to be a member of 3RVS and see how well its riders and jersey is respected around the state.

It started in the parking lot before we even started riding. A gentlemen saw our jerseys in the lot and said, "Hey, you are that group that won the NBC challenge last year for the state of Indiana, how is this year going?".

He was part of the Team Cure Chasers who took 2nd in the state last year. He did not ride yesterday but was in a SAG vehicle that parked at several places along the route. When we would ride by and he saw the jerseys he called us out rang the cow bell and cheered on Three Rivers Velo sport for a good ride.

Some of us in the club had our own pace group which became recognized along the route. We would take off in a group of 7 to 9 riders, but come into the SAG of a group closer to 30. It seems the yellow jerseys were the "designated pullers", only once did someone ask if they could take over the pull. Thank you gentlemen for the pulls, you know who your are!

After the SAG, people would see the jerseys and latch back on because they new it was going to be a good ride. We also had a club rider who took the time on his ride to stop and help a rider fix her flat so that she could continue her ride in quick fashion. You know you who are, and thanks for being a good representation of the club! I am sure there are many more good things that happened with our other riders yesterday on the route that I didn't get to ride with.

Thanks to the yellow jersey, during the ride, I was able to get to know some of our fellow club members that I have never met before, further reminding me that we are so much more that just our scheduled rides. We are a large family. I encourage you all to wear your jerseys with pride and when you are out there wearing it in public remember that you are a reflection of the club and all of your riding family!

Russ Stephens also said that, "I was riding at the front of a long dual pace line with a rider named Jason from Muncie. He looks over at me and says "I'm riding in the National Bike Challenge. You Ft Wayne guys ride a ton of miles. I ride a lot but I can hardly break the top ten in your group". It really made feel great. No matter what group I rode in I was so proud to be wearing our colors."